CEO & Founder of SecurityInfinity LLC, Athul Jayaram is one of the successful entrepreneurs who has paved his way to success at a very young age.
Over the years, Athul has put his hard work and knowledge in the right place and is now touted as one of the best Cybersecurity Experts, Security Researcher, Ethical Hacker. Being a software engineering by profession, Athul embarked on the journey of cybersecurity and ethical hacking in the year 2017 and founded SecurityInfinity LLC with its headquarters is at the United States.
Talking about success, Athul says, “Thomas Edison found the light bulb at 1000 times. He failed 999 times. Success is all about fulfilling all the goals you write down and make it happen even if it appears impossible. At a later time, you realize the impossible became possible. If you put effort and you still fail, you are still a success because you have tried. As long as you try, you did not fail”.
Athul possesses wide experience in securing critical assets of corporate clients across sectors like banking, finance, automobiles, and technology. His area of expertise involves vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of web applications, thick-client applications, thin client applications, android applications, iOS applications, networks, incident response & recovery and digital forensics. He also holds a vast understanding of the IT Industry.
He has been featured in the Hall of Fames and Acknowledged by Google, Microsoft, Sony, Intel, Nokia, Lenovo, Oracle, SAP, DarkMatter, Upwork, Ford, Genymotion, Trend Micro, DJI, United Nations, UN Women, Indian Angel Network, Zomato, De Nederlandsche Bank, Cambridge University, Visma, Auditwolf, 1Password, Indian Angel Network, Chalk, Inflectra, Wellthy and many others.
Presently, Athul's venture is about protecting companies and startups from being hacked. Basically, he looks after the security issues in the client's websites, servers, android applications, iOS applications and reports it back to them. As a freelancer, Athul also works with various other companies.
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