Great entrepreneurs have innate skills that make them good at their job. At the same time, those skills need to be continuously sharpened and developed so that growth does not remain stagnant within the individual or company. In order to have a thriving business, you need to have an effective sales process and scalable systems to get your products and services delivered to customers daily.

If a company wants an unstoppable sales team, they look to business coach Michael Barayev for instruction. He dropped out of college to accept an opportunity to enter the world of network marketing. Here he learned how to network, build relationships, and gained basic entrepreneurial skills. While building his network marketing business, he had a door-to-door sales job, and made $139,000 in 11 months. 

His door to door experience allowed him to gain more experience than most people would in decades at a full time desk job. Michael started Barayev Marketing in 2016. From 2016-2020, he built and trained a sales team of hundreds of people, and netted multiple 7-figures in profits. His motive for starting his business was never simply to make more money, but rather to create a positive impact on others and as a result, help them make a sustainable income. 

Due to his sales skills and success, Michael has become a very valuable asset for business owners and entrepreneurs who seek out his expertise and guidance to help them grow their teams and businesses. Michael is exceptional at duplicating his success. Through Barayev Bootcamp, he offers one-on-one training based on mentorship and developing a custom tailored blueprint for each client. There is one core element to these teachings: understanding your customer and their current situation and needs.

Other key components to Michael’s coaching are leadership training, learning how to increase your closing ratio, and scaling through the implementation of the right systems. Without proper leadership or guidance, the organization will fail. The right form of leadership needs to include influencing and motivating your staff. Once the staff is motivated, proper training provides them with the right tools in order to grow the business. Finally, systems are needed to keep the company running efficiently and effectively. This also ensures no one person is the “magic sauce” and instead of relying on an individual, a business relies on a system of delegated tasks. 

Michael hopes to be remembered for the impact he has made on other people's lives rather than his own success. He strives to be authentic and disciplined in everything he does, and to be an example to future generations. Most importantly, he emphasizes that the most important aspect of growth is to make it about your team and your customers, not about you. 

Publication: Tech Times