This past year’s tumultuous nature has proven the importance of a good PR and communications team for everyone from corporations to individuals, and even government entities. Like any good businessman, this perfect storm and an increased demand for strategic solutions led Michael Farrant to seize the opportunity to launch his namesake company, the Farrant Group. The Harvard educated strategic communications specialist took his years of experience and created his own firm that specializes in reputation and crisis management, which could not be more fitting for today’s ever-changing global environment. We caught up with Michael to learn more about the Farrant Group, and what it’s like to launch a new venture amidst a pandemic.

Yahoo!: What motivated you to start Farrant Group—why now?

Michael: The first and most important factor is that I saw that there was an increase in clients across the globe who required strategic communications. The complexity of their issues—whether it be crisis and issue management or profile development (to assist with access to capital or deal flow or to run a campaign on a particular issue)—is not well suited for many firms in our space. The second reason is that the pandemic gave me space to contemplate the formation of this Group, and to bring the most talented strategic communications advisors and companies together for our clients. Great change has provided a great opportunity. The importance of strong delivery for global clients requiring strategic communications has never been more important. Impactful strategic communications is no longer seen by clients as a nice to have, but as a core element in helping them achieve their goals.

Yahoo!: What was your experience like launching a new firm amidst a pandemic?

Michael: Interestingly very positive. The pandemic has forced a lot of people and clients to think about what they really want. It has also given me space to apply myself to the formation of the new company. We are also lucky to be in a time where online communications and video calls are of the quality that they are. With that said, the lack of face-time and personal contact is a challenge. I believe the key is to ensure that communication is regular and genuine with team members and clients. Lastly, it has been important to be patient as we are all going through a dramatic shift in the way we work. Home schooling mixed with a setting up and running a new firm has certainly been a learning curve!

Yahoo!: Does Farrant Group specialize in a specific aspect of PR and communications?

Michael: Yes, we specialize in the development and delivery of strategic communications for governments, political organisations, companies and individuals and families that focus on reputation and crisis management.

Yahoo!: What makes the Farrant Group stand out from its competitors in the industry?

Michael: We are specialists in the complex—by which I mean multi-faceted, issues-rich sectors and projects, often involving several jurisdictions.

Yahoo!: What impact do you hope the company makes?

Michael: As the importance of strategic communications continues to be recognized, not just in the west but across the world, our ambition is that Farrant Group plays a role in ensuring that reputation management sits alongside the suite of trusted advisors (legal, financial etc.) which organizations and leaders rely upon to make a difference in the world.

Yahoo!: What is your favorite part of your job?

Michael: It is an extraordinary honor to work for heads of state or governments, chairmen and CEOs, and heads of prominent families. They entrust us to assist with some of their most important issues. Every day is an opportunity to learn, and I feel very privileged to do this job. I am also blessed to work with best in class professionals, which just makes the job such a pleasure.

Yahoo!: What does the future look like for Farrant Group?

Michael: At present we are focused on building out our team and our client base. However, our next step will be to look for attractive acquisitions, as we expand our range of services.