Haryana Assembly Election 1967

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List of Constituency Wise Winners

AC No. State Constituency Winner Party Votes
1 Haryana Adampur H. Singh INC
2 Haryana Ambala F. Chand BJS
3 Haryana Ambala Cantt. D. R. Anand INC
4 Haryana Ateli N. Singh INC
5 Haryana Babain C. Ram INC
6 Haryana Badhra A. Singh IND
7 Haryana Badopal M. Ram INC
8 Haryana Bahadurgarh H. Lal INC
9 Haryana Ballabhgarh T. Ram INC
10 Haryana Baroda R. Dhari INC
11 Haryana Barwala P. Singh INC
12 Haryana Bawal K. Lal IND
13 Haryana Bawani Khera J. Nath INC
14 Haryana Beri P. S. Daulata INC
15 Haryana Bhiwani B. Dev BJS
16 Haryana Chhachhrauli R. Parkash INC
17 Haryana Dabwali K. Ram INC
18 Haryana Dadri G. Rai INC
19 Haryana Ellenabad P. Singh INC
20 Haryana Faridabad K. D. Kapil INC
21 Haryana Fatehabad G. Rai INC
22 Haryana Ferozepur Jhirka D. Mohammad SWA
23 Haryana Gharaunda M. Chand INC
24 Haryana Gohana R. Dhari INC
25 Haryana Gurgaon P. S. Thapran BJS
26 Haryana Hansi H. Singh INC
27 Haryana Hasanpur G. Lal IND
28 Haryana Hassangarh S. Chand INC
29 Haryana Hathin D. Singh INC
30 Haryana Hisar S. Lata INC
31 Haryana Indri P. Devi INC
32 Haryana Jagadhri D. Prakash BJS
33 Haryana Jatusana J. Singh IND
34 Haryana Jhajjar M. Singh IND
35 Haryana Jind D. Kishan INC
36 Haryana Julana D. Singh INC
37 Haryana Jundla R. Kishan INC
38 Haryana Kailana R. Singh INC
39 Haryana Kaithal O. Prabha INC
40 Haryana Kalanaur N. Singh BJS
41 Haryana Kalayat Maru SWA
42 Haryana Kalka L. Singh IND
43 Haryana Kanina D. Singh IND
44 Haryana Karnal R. Lal BJS
45 Haryana Kiloi S. Nath IND
46 Haryana Loharu H. Nand INC
47 Haryana Mahendragarh H. Singh IND
48 Haryana Meham M. Singh IND
49 Haryana Mullana R. Prasad RPI
50 Haryana Mundhal Khurd J. Singh IND
51 Haryana Naggal Lakhwati INC
52 Haryana Naraingarh L. Singh INC
53 Haryana Narnaul B. Lal BJS
54 Haryana Narnaund R. Datt INC
55 Haryana Narwana S. Singh RPI
56 Haryana Naultha M. Singh INC
57 Haryana Nilokheri S. Ram BJS
58 Haryana Nuh R. Khan IND
59 Haryana Palwal Dhan Singh IND
60 Haryana Panipat F. Chand BJS
61 Haryana Pataudi B. Singh INC
62 Haryana Pehowa C. Lal SWA
63 Haryana Pundri R. P. Singh INC
64 Haryana Rai R. Ram INC
65 Haryana Rajaund R. Singh INC
66 Haryana Rewari S. Devi INC
67 Haryana Rohat B. Singh IND
68 Haryana Rohtak M. Sein BJS
69 Haryana Rori P. S. Dass INC
70 Haryana Safidon S. Krishan INC
71 Haryana Salhawas P. Chand INC
72 Haryana Samalkha Randhir BJS
73 Haryana Shahabad J. Chander INC
74 Haryana Sherhada P. A. J. Singh IND
75 Haryana Sirsa L. Dass BJS
76 Haryana Sohna M. Singh IND
77 Haryana Sonipat M. Lal INC
78 Haryana Thanesar D. Prakash INC
79 Haryana Tohana H. Singh INC
80 Haryana Tosham B. Lal INC
81 Haryana Yamunanagar B. Dayal INC
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