Coronavirus outbreak has turned out to be a difficult time not only for those fighting it at the frontlines but particularly migrant workers who were left stranded away from their hometowns amid the lockdown situation with little to zero resources at their expense. While we saw heartbreaking stories of migrant workers walking on foot for thousands of kilometres to head home, a few people stepped up to take the responsibility of helping them reach home in the safest manner and one celebrity who has been in the news for the same has been Sonu Sod. Although, not many know that there's anther megastar who came to the rescue of migrant workers and it is none other than Amitabh Bachchan. Sonu Sood: I Am Working For Migrants Purely Out of Love For Them and Have Nothing to Do With Politics.

As per reports, Big B has arranged three flights so that about 500 workers could go home to Varanasi. The actor had earlier sent back workers to various places in Uttar Pradesh. A recent report in Midday stated that Bachchan chartered three flights to send home some migrant workers to their hometown Varanasi without making any noise about it. The report reveals that Rajesh Yadav, managing director of Bachchan's companies and his close aide has been handling this situation. Amitabh Bachchan May Pursue A New Navigation, Might Be The Voice Of Google Maps In Mumbai (Details Inside).

It has been reported that the actor has been keen on not publicising this. It was after hearing the horrid stories of the suffering of migrant workers that the superstar decided to step in and arrange travel for them. Reports suggest that the three flights are scheduled for Wednesday. It also seems that the actor has plans to arrange air travel for more workers who will be sent to their hometowns of West Bengal, Bihar, Tamil Nadu.

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