Deepika Padukone Redefines Perfection In This Gorgeous Commercial! VIDEO
Gorgeous Gal: Deepika Padukone (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Blame it on her statuesque frame, her dark mane and her unmatched elegance, Deepika Padukone is the ultimate Bollywood diva. And in these visuals the Bajirao Mastani star redefines perfection. The glow on Dippy's face is unmistakable and the colour theme used here with oodles of pastels thrown in, this commercial is just gorgeous! Look how she owns every frame she features in without doing much. For this lady, everything happens absolutely effortlessly. Or so does it seem!

That moment when perfection reaches a whole new level, goes the tag with this post. And we can't help but agree with the caption. The Tanishq commercial is even more beautiful thanks to the way the lights have been employed. The interplay of gorgeous cotoure, the fineness of designs of the jewellery on display and Deepika's unmistakable charm makes this one a visual delight indeed. Ranveer Singh FAILED to Be the Mean Khilji Before Ladylove Deepika Padukone IRL as They Performed

After watching a beaming Deepika in this video, fans wonder the glow on her face will only heighten in the days to come once Dippy will start gearing up for the much talked about and much awaited marriage.  If the recent buzz is to be believed then Ranveer Singh and Deepika will tie the knot on November 10 this year at Italy’s Lake Como. While Ranveer has been busy completing one project after the other, including Simbaa, Gully Boys and Kapil Dev biopic Deepika seems to have taken it easy this year with she not signing on the dotted line! But for now the lady has charmed us by dishing out something as spectacular as this, her fans are busy whistling!