Farhan Akhtar Is Posting Cute Pictures with Girlfriend Shibani Dandekar Like a College Kid
Farhan Akhtar, Shibani Dandekar (Photo Credit: Instagram @farouakhtar)

Giving us all the more reasons to follow his new love story closely, Farhan Akhtar has just posted pictures with girlfriend Shibani Dandekar. The couple has been making headlines for quite sometime now. The two were hanging out, probably playing Secret Santa with friends. At least that is what the hashtags in the caption suggest. But there is more where that comes from. The pictures are so happy and the caption so cheesy, it almost feels like we are seeing two college kids just beginning to date. Isn't that great? When being in love make you feel forever young? The caption read, "Now you see her. Now you don’t", with Shibani's name tagged between two heart emoji. It doesn't get more official than this, guys. He used heart emojis!

Earlier as well, Fahan had posted a picture of Shibani, but had captioned is such that the two only bumped into each other as opposed to meeting on purpose. Seriously, who were they kidding? If nothing, the latest pics prove that the two do meet on purpose, even around other people.

Once, Farhan had posted a picture with Shibani where the two were walking down the streets of London.

Well, for now, these pics are as much confirmation as we get on this new couple in B-town. The two are yet to set the record straight once and for all with quotes and interviews. But that is unlikely to happen as Shibani has said, "I am not secretive, but I don’t feel the need to say things out loud."


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Oh, Bollywood and your secret celebrity couples.