Kangana Ranaut - Journalist Controversy: The Judgemental Hai Kya Actress Gives a 24 Hour Ultimatum to All Press Organisations to Rectify their Mistakes
Kangana Ranaut gives a 24 hour ultimatum to journalists (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Kangana Ranaut is in no mood to calm down and the intensity of her recent spat with journalists is increasing with each passing day. After Mumbai Press Board extended their support to the Entertainment Journalists' Guild, Press Club of India and the Television Journalists Association too decided to support their fight. However, their participation has only miffed the actress further and she has decided to issue a 24-hour ultimatum to everyone opposing her. Taapsee Pannu Reacts to Rangoli Chandel Calling her Kangana Ranaut&'s 'Sasti Copy'.

While one may assume if the actress will back off from her fight especially after different press bodies have collectively called out a ban against her, she's in no mood to take a chill pill. A recent statement issued by her lawyers highlights the ultimatum notice and warns the press organisations about the legal actions that may be considered by the actress.

Check out the legal notice sent by Kangana's team 

"She (Kangana) is hereby through me, giving you one last and final opportunity to rectify all wrongs so committed by you within 24 hours, failing which all actions as may be initiated by my client under constrain shall be entirely at the risk, costs and consequences of the board members of your organisation,” wrote her lawyer. Her notice threatens to initiate strict proceedings and other actions including huge compensatory (monetary) damages. Kangana Ranaut- Journalist Controversy: Press Club Of India Releases a Statement, Call Her Behaviour 'Unacceptable'.

The entire controversy started during the song launch of Judgemental Hai Kya when the actress accused a journalist of instigating a 'smear campaign' against her. While he accused her of intimidation, she targeted him for mocking her last release, Manikarnika. The Entertainment Journalists' Guild and other organisations are yet to react to her notice and we are curious to know their next step.