Kareena Kapoor Khan Has The Sassiest Reply To a Troll Who Called Out Saif Ali Khan For 'Allowing' Wife to Wear a Bikini!
Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Kareena Kapoor Khan has always been that lady with the perfect amount of sass and humility in her. As much as she's humble with her characters, she is one sassy human being when it comes to responding to her trolls. During the recent interview with Arbaaz Khan at his YouTube chat show, Pinch by Arbaaz Khan, she addressed one of these trolls. A social media user called out Saif Ali Khan for 'allowing' Bebo to wear a bikini and the actress was back at him with a fine reply. Is Taimur's Nanny Getting Paid Rs 1.5 Lakh Per Month? Kareena Kapoor Khan Finally Answers the Question.

The online hater wrote, 'Go to hell Saif Ali Khan. you not a shame to let your wife wearing bikini.' The gorgeous Bollywood diva was smooth with her reply as she said, "Who is Saif but to stop me from wearing a bikini? I don't think my relationship is as such that Saif would ever tell me why are you wearing a bikini or why are you doing such things or what? I don't think so at all. I think we share a very responsible relationship. He trusts me...and whether I am wearing a bikini then obviously there's a reason I am wearing it…….I am taking a dip.”

Well, don't you know that when you take a dip, you ought to wear a bikini? It is as simple as that! This is not the first time that she has addressed such trolls. Earlier, the Good News actress had slammed trolls who trolled her for not being a 'good mother'. She also recently called out the 'Taimur Dolls' that are being sold in the market saying that they do not look like Taimur. Well, that's just how Bebo is!