Sushmita Sen's Shocking #MeToo Moment In Public; How She Dealt With It Proves Why Sush Is A Role Model! VIDEO
Standing Tall, Always! Sushmita Sen (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

We love Sushmita Sen. We love both the persona and the personality. We admire Sen for being fiercely independent, extremely vocal about issues not many dare to discuss, and at the same time, we respect her for the caring and the compassionate being that she has always been. The former Miss Universe turned Bollywood star turned jack of all trades and master of most of them, Sushmita comes across as a very strong individual. Add to that her tall frame, and the lady seems absolutely insurmountable. But do you know that even Sushmita Sen had to suffer that obnoxious #MeToo moment, that too in the public eye?

In the wake of #MeToo and #TimeIsUp movements gaining momentum and strength many Bollywood celebs, especially women have come forward to share their horrible tales to name and shame those who dared to cross the line. But Sushmita's case is different in that the way she dealt with the situation to emerge as a role model is truly remarkable. Ajay Devgn Condemns Luv Ranjan After An Actress Accuses Him of Sexual Harassment; Says ‘I’m Disturbed by All the Happenings With Regards to #MeToo’

Sushmita narrates the horrific incident in the video. “But the difference is that at this age, the last time it happened was six months ago. I was at an awards function, you were there as well. A 15-year-old… 15! And because there were so many men, he thought I wouldn’t figure out who it was. That’s why I tell you, learn something regarding self-defence, it makes you very alert.

She continues, “So I grabbed his hand, and I was so shocked when I pulled him up, that he was a little boy. 15 years old. Typically for a misbehaviour like that I could’ve taken lots of other actions. But because it was a 15-year-old boy, I grabbed him by his neck, as if I was saying hello to him, I took him for a walk in front of the crowd and told him, ‘If I make a hue and cry about this, your life will be over bachcha.' (He said) ‘I didn’t do’, I told him, ‘You did it, acknowledge it.' (He said) 'I’m sorry.' 'Do you know your life would be over.' (He said) 'I promise it will never happen.' 'No, if it does, I’ve seen your face, now get out of here.'”

She warned the minor by concluding.  "That’s the difference, I recognised in a 15-year-old boy that he’s not been taught that this kind of (behaviour) is not entertainment. It’s very big mistake. It can cost you the rest of your life.”