Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson: Celebrities Who Fell Victim to Nude Photo Leaks
Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Lawrence, Mischa Barton (Photo Credits: File Image)

The fans of the actress Amanda Seyfried have come to her defence after old leaked explicit pictures of hers resurfaced on the internet. The number of Twitter accounts that reshared the said picture is far less than the number of fans who are calling out the act as downright disgusting and morally corrupted. The picture in question originally appeared on the internet back in 2017. It is yet to be known how the picture began to circulate once again and it will be futile to do so. We can use this chance to shed light on the fact that 'leaking' sensitive pictures are not an issue that should be brushed under the carpet.

It is a serious crime. An epidemic that needs to be dealt with. Amanda won't be the first actress who has fallen victim to the web's insidious trend. There have been many actresses who were subjected to trauma and sadness using their pictures as the medium.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer was one of the many actresses whose nudes were leaked by cybercriminals in August 2014. The gravity of the incident shook the entire world. About four criminals have been put behind the bars regarding the incident.

Mischa Barton

The OC actress took her ex-boyfriend to court after falling victim to 'revenge porn'. She was filmed without her consent during intimate moments and the images were circulated post the split by the boyfriend. She won the case in court. "I was afraid. I was a lot of things. It was a mixture of emotions," she said in an interview. "I'm sure a lot of women who go through anything similar, feel the same kind of mixture of rage and fear and uncertainty."

Amanda Stanton

Earlier in 2019, Amanda, reality TV star, took to her Instagram page to reveal that someone is blackmailing her money with her pictures. The most horrid thing about it is that these pictures were stolen from the medical database. Amanda told her followers, "Of course, it’s something that I didn’t want out there, but it’s not the end of the world if people see my boobs. But I think I’m just so frustrated and I just feel very violated. I’ve also been harassed every single day. I don’t know what other information this person has. It’s just been kind of exhausting.”

Scarlett Johansson

The Avengers actress fell victim to hacking in 2011. She reacted sternly against it in 2017. In an interview, she revealed, "It was absolutely shocking and devastating at the time… It was such an invasion. I just felt like as a woman, I felt like it’s such a degrading and awful thing to have to go through that.”

Amanda Seyfried

As mentioned above Amanda's NSFW pictures are making the rounds again. This time around her fans are not having it. From starting a reporting to Twitter campaign to calling the handles out, the fandom is taking up the responsibility to be the good Samaritan right now.

We hope people understand the effect of the leak of sensitive data. While we only listed down five there have been hundreds of celebrities who have been had gone through the horrifying incidents. The numbers of the victim not belonging to a celebrity circle are even more devastating and heartbreaking. While Amanda is not the first woman to be victimised, she can certainly be the last.