Avengers: Endgame Producer Kevin Feige Reveals Director Duo Russo Bros Lied to Their Fans about the Title of the Film
Avengers: Infinity War sequel title (Photo Credits: Marvel Studios)

The secrecy around the title, Avengers: Endgame, has been so tight that we still doubt if that is actually what the next movie has been named- despite the fact that the first no spoiler-y trailer has been released. What if the makers are just trying to play with us and actually hiding the real title of the film behind Endgame? Our far-fetched conspiracy theories about Avengers 4 title aside, Marvel boss, Kevin Feige, has admitted that director duo, Russo Bros, did lie to us and, more importantly, the fans about the title of the film. Well, he sort of admitted. I mean if you put two and two together.

So, in a recent interview, Kevin admitted that it was always decided that the upcoming superhero movie will be called Avengers: Endgame. Even prior to the filming. Talking about the title, Kevin said, "It was in place before we started developing the movie. Or just as we were developing it, yes. So Doctor Strange says that line because we knew it was the title." Original Avengers: Infinity War Ending Was Changed! Disintegration Scene Dialled Back Because It Overshadowed Performances.

Well, now here is how the lie falls into place. In a very famous interview with Uproxx, director duo, Anthony and Joe Russo, had said that the title of the upcoming movie was not spoken in Avengers: Infinity War. This was when the frenzy around the title of the sequel was at its peak.

This statement by Russo Bros falsely debunked a popular theory by fans which concluded that the movie will be, indeed, called Endgame. Why would you lie to us Russo Bros? We trusted you.