Avengers: Endgame’s Heartbreaking Scene Results in the Hospitalisation of a Marvel Fan, the Student Suffers Hyperventilation
Avengers EndGame art poster (Photo Credits: twitter)

It has been already established that Marvel fans are head over heels when it comes to any Avengers movie. And, here we are talking about the final movie, the one that stands at the epitome of MCU and marks the end of an emotional journey of over 11 years. The excitement brought tears, the shocks and surprises turned into emotions, and the characters close to our hearts became larger than life! While fans were crying the joyful tears by the end of the movie, a 21-year-old university student in Zhejiang, China was rushed to the hospital after watching Avengers: Endgame on Wednesday. Avengers EndGame Movie Review: Marvel’s Superhero Film Is an Emotionally Wrenching, Enriching FanBoy Experience That Goes for Your Heart!

According to a report published in sn.people, the student and her friends went for the first screening of the film at the cinema together. After watching a particularly heartbreaking scene (no spoilers, though!), she starting crying and couldn’t stop.

After finishing the movie, the girl experienced chest pains and struggled to breathe. Her limbs started feeling numb and she experienced muscle spasms, including having her fists tightly clenched. The friends, who noticed her strange condition, immediately called an ambulance and rushed her to the hospital. After diagnosing the patient, the doctor explained that she was probably hyperventilating. Avengers EndGame Box Office: 7 Records We Expect the Marvel Superhero Film to Break in India.

The friend said, and as quoted by the website, “I saw her gasping for air, and based on her friends’ description, we figured she must’ve cried too much which resulted in hyperventilation. We then immediately put on an oxygen mask for her and tried to calm her down so her symptoms would go away.”

Well, the fans who have already watched the film must know exactly what it feels like to witness the emotional journey. For those, who are yet to watch, we are sure you would fall in love with the epic creation of MCU!