Avengers: Infinity War Dialogue ‘We’re in the Endgame Now’ Is a Clue for Tony Stark to Travel Back in Time to Battle of New York?
Avengers (Photo Credits: Marvel Studios)

When the dust settles down after the release of Avengers: Infinity War, speculations were rife about the title of the sequel, to the film. Back then we only knew of the movie as Avengers 4. Some fan theories did come to the conclusion that the movie will be named Avengers: Endgame after Doctor Strange's popular dialogue: "We're in the endgame now". He uttered it before right after losing the time stone to Thanos, the Mad Titan on a mission to wipe out half the living creatures in the universe. The dialogue has been taken as a nod to the fact that losing the infinity stone was part of Strange's plan after seeing millions of possibilities of the future. Avengers EndGame: Paul Rudd Hints That Something Similar to Ant-Man Getting Into Thanos’ Butt Might Be in the Movie – Watch Video.

But a new theory suggests that it was not just a nod to what is going to happen in the future but also a hint at the past. Strange said the Endgame dialogue to Tony Stark. Most of us have forgotten that Tony himself has used to word 'endgame' in Avengers: Age of UltronAvengers: Endgame Stars Leave Empty Seats for 'Fallen Heroes' at a Press Event - See Pics!

A Reddit user pointed out, "Strange saw that Tony was going to have to go back in time, but he had to give him a hint as to when to go to. Her couldn't outright just tell him without breaking a time continuum (or just a time travel movie rule),"

So, in Age of Ultron, Tony used the word 'endgame' while referring to the events of aliens coming through a wormhole in The Avengers (2012). Here, check out the scene below:

Isn't that cool? The leaked pictures from the sets of Avengers: Endgame have already shown us that the battle of New York will be revisited by the superheroes.

Well, the theory on Reddit goes further on. " Right after Tony makes his Endgame comment, Steve says that they'll do it together. "And what is we fail?" Tony retorts. "Then we'll do that together too." This could be a hint for Tony that they can't defeat Thanos divided. Steve was right all along and they need to do it together. This will lead to the scene from the last trailer where Tony and Steve to trust him," it adds.

Well, if this comes out to be true, we salute the amount of thinking that has gone into coming up with the plotlines for the MCU movies. With 22 films, things tend to get convoluted. But MCU is sailing through smoothly. Avengers: Endgame is set to release on April 26.