Birds of Prey Actor Shows How To Cook Harley Quinn's Egg Sandwich Recipe (Watch Video)
Birds of Prey Egg Sandwich (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Most of us are practising self-isolation as the COVID-19 pandemic. Cooking if our meals ourselves has become one of the most popular activities. Many are trying new recipes with more time at their hands. A recipe of whipped Delgona coffee has gone viral. Now, its turn for Birds of Prey sandwich. The ones who have watched the superhero film, featuring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, who in-between being chased lusts over a delicious-looking egg sandwich. Coronavirus Effect: Margot Robbie's Birds of Prey to Have an Early 'On Demand' Release (Read Details).

Harley Quinn can't catch a break to eat the sandwich, which eventually is destroyed leaving her heart-broken. The scene was loved by the audience. And Harley Quinn's egg sandwich became a thing. Now, Bruno Oliver who played the role of the cook, Sal, who made the breakfast sandwich in the film, has actually cooked it for reals. Birds of Prey Movie Review: Fantabulous, Brilliant, Super Fun and Entertaining, that's Margot Robbie and her Team for You.

Birds of Prey had an early digital release this week, since a good chunk of the global population is at home. To promote the release, Oliver teamed up with Variety to cook the meal.

The website reports that because of the pandemic, Oliver had to visit multiple stores to get the ingredients such as bacon, eggs, American cheese and bread. The actor has recommended ciabatta bread. And, thankfully, he did not stick to the exact original recipe from the film, because it used 6-months out-of-date cheese, as alleged by Harley Quinn.

Watch Oliver Making The Video Here:

The scene even faced some criticism from the haters as well. But the hatred was met with witty comebacks from the fans who absolutely loved the film. As one user pointed out, the critics would have loved the scene if it was in a Deadpool move.

Praising Margot in the film, our in-house film critic, Chandni Shah, wrote in her review, "Margot Robbie shines and how! She's simply brilliant. Let's not deny that Birds of Prey is Harley Quinn's movie and she has fun throughout. She's like a live wire who lights up the screen with her mere presence. She sinks into Quinn's character and emerges as one of the great, idiosyncratic characters in the DCEU. Her vibe is distinct, atypical than other anti-heroes and it's fun to see her aberrant behaviour.