Kim Kardashian's Unusual Shell-Shaped Purse At Sean Combs' Party Gets Trolled With Funny Memes!
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Can anyone really match Kim Kardashian's ideas when it comes to fashion or making new style statements? The answer is blatant NO! The reality TV star is known for splashing her life through her series KUWTK and also through her Instagram posts. Almost every post of hers makes noise for random reasons and this latest one is no different! So, the Hollywood hottie posed along with her husband Kanye West looking all decked up and pretty. But guess what are netizens are most interested in? Of course, that weird little matching shell-shaped purse that she is carrying proudly. Micro Handbag, Smaller Than Your Credit Card Launched at Paris Fashion Week 2019 Is Taking the Internet by Storm and TBH We Can't Stop Laughing at the Memes.

The couple graced the 13th birthday of rapper Sean Combs' (Diddy) twin daughters. Kim looked sexy as ever in an off-shoulder cream gown with a studded bracelet in her arm. However, even that sparkling accessory could not prevent the fans from noticing what she had in the other hand as her 'purse!' The netizens had a field day trying to guess the shape of the purse. While some declared it to be a tea kettle, others thought it is more like a shell! Well, it looks like everything other than a regular purse. Check out the funny reactions and memes to this purse-like thingy that the internet sensation matched with her ensemble.

Here's Kim Kardashian's Post

And The Memes Pour In!

Shell Is It?

Zooming In The 'Stunning' Bag!

Shell Again

Tea Kettle May Be...

OMG Tell Us More About That Purse Already!

This is not the first time that someone's purse has grabbed the attention. Earlier, American singer Lizzo too was snapped at AMAs carrying a miniature white purse, which was, of course, trolled left, right and centre with hilarious memes. We wonder if the trend of fancy purses has gone out of fashion only to be replaced by the trend of weird purses! On that note, is it a shell or is it a kettle? Comment below!