While the world was eying on the Paris fashion week for some uber cool inspiration, PFW did give something unforgettable. A Jacquemus Mini Le Chiquito bag that debuted on the catwalk last week is taking the internet by storm, and honestly, we can't believe our eyes. This micro bag only measures about 5.2 cm about 2 inches long, has left us wondering what useful thing on earth can we carry in this purse. This incredibly tiny purse doesn't just defy the purpose of its existence but has given way to so many memes that our stomachs are hurting. Kendall Jenner’s Puffy Red Jacket Inspires Countless Jokes On Twitter That Compare Her To Michelin Man, Baymax and Even Kanye West.

This 'bag' is a mini version of the Le Chiquito bag which is already too small. The Le Chiquito bag was launched last year and is 12cm, 4 inches by 6cm about 2.5 inches and as you can see both of them are neither functional and nor do they qualify as a bag in the first place (coin bags, maybe?) However, what actually raises the eyebrows, is its price. Le Chiquito sells it for around $500 (£380) which in India is for about 35,020.00 Indian Rupee. Moreover, reports have it that it was sold out at a range of online suppliers, including Moda Operandi, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc.

For the Le Mini Chiquito, however, a price has not been set yet.  Nevertheless,Twitter is all set with its memes and jokes. Here are a few:

That's me

Won't disagree


That's not a bag, let's get that straight first!


Just the perfect depiction!

Can't even...

Like seriously!


Really, we cannot even imagine how small the next batch of handbags are going to be. Well, they should actually consider calling it something else and not handbag.

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