Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Have Only Had Sex Twice; Deadpool Actor Jokes on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively (Photo Credit: Instagram @blakelively)

Ryan Reynolds is a piece of art. Seriously, what did humans ever do to deserve Ryan Reynolds, the star of Deadpool? Point in case, his really funny talk on his latest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The actor talked about his wife Blake Lively and kids James (4) and Inez (2). He, funnily, admitted that he misses the horrible guy he was before fatherhood. But he also hinted that he and his wife might not be planning a third baby. But he also said that he has only had sex with his twice, so we really do not know how serious he is about the information he shared. Ryan Reynolds Shares First Trailer of ‘Detective Pikachu’ on Social Media.

While talking to Ellen about of his daughters, Ryan said that both his girls “happened from sex”. Ellen quipped, "You’ve only had sex the twice?”.

To which Ryan replied, with a deadpan face, "Just the two times, yeah. It’s a mercenary job you know, it’s just clinical.” The actor stated that he is looking forward to having more of it with his wife.

We are pretty sure that Blake and Ryan have had sex more than twice. They have, right? Because otherwise, that would be such a waste of being the hottest couple ever.

Ryan Reynolds is currently counting down to the re-release of Deadpool 2. The makers are releasing a newly cut PG version of the movie titled Once Upon A Deadpool. We are curious to see what non-foul mouthed Deadpool would be like. Also, reports suggest that the new movie will also feature some previously unseen footage. Yayy!