Sterling K Brown Is Taking Online Therapy While in Coronavirus Quarantine
This Is Us Star Sterling K Brown (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Actor Sterling K. Brown is currently taking online therapy amid the ongoing health scare due to the outbreak of coronavirus. In an interview to Variety, the Black Panther fame artiste, who has children Andrew and Amare, has been consulting with his counsellor via web link while practicing social distancing. He said: "My therapist reached out to me and my wife and said, like, 'You guys want to do online sessions? We can do online sessions.' So hopefully your therapists are accommodating. COVID-19 Pandemic: John Legend and Wife Chrissy Teigen Are Finding It Difficult to Entertain Their Kids During Quarantine.

"If you have someone, don't just stop seeing them because you can't see them in person or find a way to connect with them, whether it's through FaceTime or any other means, like things don't have to stop." 50 Cent Believes People Are Going to Get Fat During Self-Quarantine Amid COVID-19 Pandemic.

He also recalled his mother's saying. Brown added: "And as a biblical reminder. My mom always says to me, 'This too shall pass.' We will make it through to the other side. Hang in there. You are not alone."