Rohit Tayade Is Famous for His YouTube Content
Rohit Tayade (Photo Credits: File Image)

Only a few years back people were following only a single career, most of them leaving many dreams and passion behind to earn bread and butter for their family. But with social media millennials are changing the entire definition of career per se. Young 18 years Rohit Tayade is one such multi-talented guy who is utilizing social media in the best possible way.

Rohit is in the third year of mechanical engineering course, but he is a trade advisor as well, stock market trading is their family business, so Rohit has gained in-depth knowledge from his father and uncle, tech-savvy Rohit uses….. app for trading.

Apart from advising on trading, this talented young man has his own YouTube channel with the name Retrox where he already has 20 successful videos that he has created on his own. He covers 2 of most interesting segments for his YouTube channel, Bollywood and Gaming

Rohit also has sizeable followers on Instagram and aims to be counted in top YouTubers of India. This multifaceted young guy is definitely showing the way forward to other youth of the country.