Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Shruti Haasan – 5 of the Worst Bikini Fails in Bollywood [Watch Video]
Sonam Kapoor, Shruti Haasan, Alia Bhatt (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Today is International Bikini Day. Many Bollywood beauties have also appeared on screen looking absolutely sexy in a bikini. Katrina Kaif, of course, looked smoking hot when she stepped out in a bikini in Bang Bang. But this is not that article. We are actually going to slam the number of times Bollywood failed to deliver an aesthetic bikini scene. This is not a drill. We are calling out actresses who wore a bikini badly.

Bollywood really needs to start spending more time on realising that not all types of the bikini are fit for body frames of Indian actresses. If you are going to have them sport a bikini by international designer, who has made the product for European standards, chances are high it would not look great on the screen. Here are some examples.

Sonam Kapoor - Bewkoofiyaan

Sonam is a fashionista. She has rarely had a bad fashion outing. But her bikini scene in Bewkoofiyan turned out to be an epic fail. The bikini style was so wrong for her body frame. If only, the stylists had gone for a bikini customised for Sonam, there would have been some salvation.

Shruti Haasan - Luck

While Shruti would totally look good in a bikini otherwise, this scene from Luck lacked any cinematic credibility making it look cringe-worthy. The lighting is off. The edits are bizarre and shoddy. The background score is bad. And worst of all, this scene has the villain Ravi Kishan leching over Shruti which just took the whole sexiness out of a bikini scene. So, Shruti, this one's not on you, maybe.

Alia Bhatt - Shaandaar

Alia looked fine when she wore a bikini in her debut film, Student of the Year. It was her second bikini outing in Shaandaar that was just pure pink cringe. Once again, that was not the kind bikini that fit the body frame of the actress.

Esha Deol - Dhoom

Bollywood did not have many bikini scenes back then. So, of course, when Esha Deol stepped out in a bikini for Dhoom, it became the talk of the town. One of the best scenes in the movie. But, now in retrospect, what on Earth was that bikini. Hideous colour and print. And that fishnet thingy should be burnt wherever it is now.

Mugdha Godse - Help 

The styling of this bikini look was so off. Firstly, what is that giant locket around her neck? Then on what part of the planet, does a bikini require a cape? What superhero movie is this? That material of the bikini also is blah. You can see the water dampening it, which is killing the purpose of a bikini.

All said, there have been many scenes in Bollywood, where actresses have looked hot in a bikini. For the future, stylists should go for customised bikinis or swimwear designed especially for Indian figures.