Pawan Kalyan at Film Chamber with Allu Arjun, Ram Charan and Sai Dharam Tej After Sri Reddy Abuses his Mother: Live Streaming from TFCC
Sri Reddy | Pawan Kalyan (Photo Credits: File Images)

Telugu superstar Pawan Kalyan was seen visiting the TFCC (Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce) with a team of advocates on Friday. The actor-politician was accompanied by actor Allu Arjun and his elder brother Nagendra Babu (Nagababu) to hold a meeting with the MAA (Movie Artistes Association). This meeting is taking place in the wake of Sri Reddy’s scandalous campaign against sexual harassment within the industry. Sri Reddy under instigation from director Ram Gopal Varma (self-confessed) had lambasted Pawan Kalyan and his 70-year-old mother, Anjana Devi in a series of abusive rants and conversations. Now the star-actor has taken it upon himself to not let anyone dishonour him or his mother and play dirty politics. Pawan Kalyan fans and supporters and other enthusiasts can catch the live action from his meeting with MAA from TFCC with live streaming on YouTube. Sri Reddy Controversy: Ram Gopal Varma and Allu Aravind get into a Nasty fight on Social Media.

Telugu film industry is stirred up since starlet Sri Reddy conducted a shocking striptease to fight against sexual harassment within South film industry. It quickly turned into a series of allegations and abusive rants against a number of powerful members of the Telugu film fraternity. In a phone conversation Sri Reddy was heard abusing Pawan Kalyan to a fellow actor Tamanna Simhadri.

She is heard saying, “Varma offered me 5 crore, but I did not accept it. He is the one who told me to call Pawan Kalyan ‘mad****od’. Because I used that expletive, the whole movement has gotten diluted and all the junior artistes have turned against me.” Ram Gopal Varma later confessed that he was the mastermind behind instigating Sri Reddy to call PK ‘mad****od’! Not just that Sri also showed Pawan a middle finger during a TV interview.

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Sri Reddy had held a semi-nude protest against sexual harassment by big shots of the industry. She accused several men of using her on pretext of offering her roles in movies but instead backed out. In her firing line was South superstar Rana Daggubati’s brother Abhiram who she accused of sexually exploiting her, and even forcing himself upon her. But soon her ire directed towards Pawan Kalyan as apparently he had suggested her to take a legal way rather than get into naming and shaming people publicly. Sri Reddy got irked by the suggestion and accused Pawan Kalyan of showing fake support. While she has apologised to the superstar, he seems to be in no mood to let her slip away for her wrongdoings.