Sri Reddy Controversy: Ram Gopal Varma and Allu Aravind get into a Nasty fight on Social Media
RGV and Allu Arvind (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Ram Gopal Varma has got himself embroiled in another controversy which is Sri Reddy's protest and fight against casting couch in Tollywood.  Sri had lashed out at Pawan Kalyan after he had asked her to go to the Police for help instead of making statements in front of the media. Obviously, she was trolled for it but she made up for it by agreeing to what he suggested. She decided to seek police help against Abhiram Daggubati.

As soon as all of this happened, RGV tweeted his confession saying that it was him who influenced Sri to lash out at the senior actor. He later apologised to Pawan Kalyan for instigating Sri to abuse him. And now, he has shared an entire conversation with Allu Aravind who brought up the video again where RGV is has made inappropriate comments on Sri Reddy.

Check out RGV's tweet:

Here's the full translation of their conversation:

Aravind's comment: There are a few rolls for a man. I am a senior in the industry.

RGV: Who is not it? Who did not?

Aravind: Mr. Reddy's discussion has been discussed in the Chamber many times. Participating in two meetings

RGV: It's a matter of public debate. Pavan's come to such a fast but in this case the industry is not as big as a senior comment month.

Aravind: A committee should be set up with government regulations. In case the woman is sexually abused in the industry, the inquiry will be initiated by the committee

RGV: I have been crying out for about 20 days.

Aravind: I am a member of the Industry Committee

RGV: Great ..

Aravind: RGV is very betraying the industry

RGV: Pawan Kalyan, like millions of fans like him, I am betraying myself, but how do I betray the industry?

Aravind: Yesterday I saw a video of RGV. It is clear that Ram Gopal Varma is behind the inappropriate comments made on Shri Reddy Pawan.

RGV: I said that I made that mistake in the video. What's wrong with it?

Aravind: 5 crores Shri Reddy offered the money? Tell him about his financial difficulties.

RGV: It seems that you did not watch the video .. I talked to Suresh and told him that he would try to get in touch with Aniram ... But Pawan does not have to do with the 5 crore .. just watch the video

Aravind: Pawan and Fans are angry with Sr Reddy

RGV: Sar Aravind, Pawan Fans Audience, more than a crore .. Any filmmaker can be angry or angry with audiences?

Aravind: Your mother put your sister in front of you and how the four-letter English booute is a word! But it is not our morality.

RGV: It's my morality too. I will ask you something ... but I can explain the situation here in the video

Aravind: RGV is the breastfeeding breast milk in the industry.

Telugu actress Jeevitha Rajashekhar also leaked private videos of Sri and also filed a defamation case against Sri for trying to malign her image. But coming back to this nasty conversation between RGV and Allu Aravind, what are your thoughts on it? Tell us below.