Bepannaah Written Episode Update, September 14, 2018: Zoya Leaves Her Engagement Midway After She Learns of Aditya's Accident

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts with Wasim welcoming Arshad and family for the engagement. Arshad's mother is worried about Aditya's presence in the house.

Wasim assures her that Aditya is nowhere around. Wasim asks Noor to get Zoya. Zoya asks about Aditya and Noor taunts her asking how she has Aditya's name on her lips while she is marrying in Arshad.

Zoya is angry at her for this. Later Arshad compliments Zoya for how she looks. Wasim sees Arjun's call on Noor's phone and asks her not to attend it. They do not find the ring for Arshad and Noor remembers that Wasim gave it to Aditya and forgot to take it back.(Also Read: Aditya Injures Zoya And Himself on The Ring Finger Just Before Her Engagement)

Wasim takes off his ring and asks Zoya to make Arshad wear it. As she is about to do it, Akansha gets a call telling her that Adi met with an accident. Zoya panics and rushes out.

Wasim tries to stop her, but she does not listen to him. Zoya reaches the hospital and asks Arjun about Aditya. She rushes in and cries as she sees him. Adi wakes up and Zoya realises that she has been tricked.

Adi makes her realise that if she is given a choice in life she will always choose him and that is because she loves him. Zoya refuses to believe this. Arshad walks in and lashes out at Aditya.

Zoya puts the ring on Arshad's finger in front of Adi and asks Adi to leave her. Aditya runs behind her and he says that she is just scared to love and that is why she is choosing the easy way out. Arshad gets angry and pushes Aditya. Zoya stops them and asks Adi to quit making a spectacle of her.