Bepannaah Written Episode Update, September 13, 2018: Aditya Injures Zoya And Himself on The Ring Finger Just Before Her Engagement
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts with Zoya(Jennifer Winget) feeling desperate as she remembers Wasim insulting Aditya(Harshad Chopda). She thinks about why she is feeling so sad for Aditya.

She tries to control herself saying she does not care for Aditya. Aditya walks in seeing this and says that he was under the impression that she is just lying to him, but she is also lying to herself.

Aditya confronts her as he asks her if she will actually make Arshad wear the ring and wear his ring. He takes the ring out of the box and takes her into his arms as he asks her how she can let anyone come so close to her.

The families decide to leave and say their byes. They search for Zoya and Arshad's mother notices that even Adi is not around. Arjun feels scared that Adi is up to something. (Also Read: Zoya Misses Aditya And he Teases Her About it)

Zoya tells Adi that she can just see the madness in his eyes. The families walk up to the room and find Adi with Zoya. Wasim lashes out at Adi as Arshad calms his mother down saying there must be a reason behind this.

Wasim sees the wound on Zoya's hand and accuses Adi of hurting her. Adi proudly says that he and Zoya both have hurt their ring fingers. Arshad takes Zoya away to tend to her wound while Adi picks up the ring.

Arshad says he does not care on which finger he adorns Zoya with a ring. Zoya says she has the engagement tonight itself. Wasim asks Adi to leave, and he keeps staring at Zoya.

Adi challenges Zoya that she will not be able to get engaged. Anjana tends to Adi's wound as he chances to see the pictures of the girls the matchmaker has brought.

Anjana asks Adi to meet the girls just once. Adi asks the matchmaker to leave as he just has one girl in his life. Adi lashes out at his mother for searching for girls for him while she knows that he loves Zoya.

He threatens to go away from her if she tries to separate him from Zoya. Noor tries to talk to Zoya asking her what fears she is running from. Zoya remembers Adi asking her to listen to her heart.

Roshna too asks her to be happy first and then think of anything else. Zoya gets ready for the engagement. Arshad feels confused about his decision to marry Zoya. Arshad's mother asks him to rethink.

Arjun tells Aditya that if Zoya indeed loves him, she will never commit another mistake with her life. Zoya dresses up, but she cannot stop thinking about Aditya. Aditya too thinks about Zoya with tears in his eyes.