Bepannah Written Episode Update, May 25, 2018: Aditya Shares His Doubts About Rajveer With Zoya
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Bepannah starts with Zoya (Jennifer Winget) trying to console Aditya (Harshad Chopda) by saying that he should think that probably Pooja did not want to sign the divorce papers and she still loved him. Zoya remembers that Yash did not leave the doubt for her and ended it all by signing the papers. Aditya says that Pooja should have done the same as then he would have the closure he requires. Zoya says that she will console him no more as she is going through the same and she knows that no consolation is enough for what they faced from their partners.

Zoya sleeps on the couch as Aditya sleeps on the bed. Next morning Noor is banging on the door as Zoya sleeps. Aditya stands up and walks to the door as he opens it too unconsciously. Noor is shocked to find him there and shouts at him. Zoya wakes too and drags Noor and Aditya inside as she locks the door. She then explains to Noor about what happened. She then asks Aditya to jump out of the window as he came. Aditya thanks her for taking care of him and letting him stay. He also asks her to forgive him for anything wrong that he must have said.

Later Zoya helps him out of the window, and we see Rajveer clicking their pictures. Rajveer says that he will soon put an end to their love story. Mahi too sees them like that and gets furious. Aditya jumps out and tries stopping an auto, but Rajveer drives up in his car as he indirectly questions Aditya about whether he is staying around in this area. Later he offers to drop Aditya to the office. Aditya starts getting irritated by all the questions coming his way. Rajveer offers a cup of tea and stops at a stall. Now it is Aditya's turn to question, and he asks Rajveer how he is so sure about Mumbai roads, and also he has no accent even though he claims to be from London.

Rajveer says that he studied in Mumbai and Aditya asks him the name of the college. Rajveer names the college as KT College. AS they have tea, a paper falls off Raveer's purse, and he gets all worried as he makes Adi leave. Later he picks it up wondering how he could make this mistake. He is the CBI officer after Aditya and Harsh, and that was his ID card.

Harsh gets an inkling that someone is desperately trying to keep Pooja's case on and also Wasim Siddhique was questioned. Harsh asks his lawyer to find out who it is. Aditya runs into the office to find Zoya on a call and drags her away as he wants to speak to her. Mahi notices this and gets jealous. Aditya tells Zoya about his meeting with Rajveer and also says that this guy has some ulterior motive. Zoya refuses to fall for this and Mahi walks in. Adi then tells Mahi about this. Mahi suggests they should check the alumni list of KT College. They find Rajveer's name on it.

Now at the Virani house, the preparations begin. Aditya and Zoya come close as they work together and Rajveer keeps clicking their pictures in compromising positions. Sagarika interrupts him, and he makes an excuse that he was clicking her picture. Later Aditya too confronts him. Mahi decides to confess her feelings for Aditya. She makes all the preparations and asks Adi to come. Sagarika hears this and warns Zoya. Aditya is shocked to find all the decorations and then the sudden proposal from Mahi.