Dipika tells Karanvir that what Srishty did was somewhere wrong, and Sreesanth and Anup feel that Dipika and Nehha wanted that Bigg Boss evicts Srishty, but that didn't happen. Sreesanth adds that Dipika is going to feel lonely when he goes back inside the house. Srishty and Nehha say that Srishty couldn't take her failure and she is looking very wrong. This pisses off Sreesanth and he says that he will teach a lesson to Dipika and Nehha. Sreesanth tells Anup that Dipika should have consoled Srishty when she was crying after Bigg Boss' decision, but she didn't. 

Since Dipika is the sanchalak, Bigg Boss asks her to narrate what exactly happened. She says that Srishty first unintentionally pulled Saba's hair, and later when she started wiping Saba's name and this is when Saba pushed her and she fell down. Dipika adds that if she hadn't stopped Srishty, she would have slapped Saba. Bigg Boss says that just two days back, Surbhi ended up attacking Srishty in the luxury budget task, and she was disqualified form the task. Still the contestants didn't learn and Srishty ended up doing what Surbhi did to her. Bigg Boss cancels the captaincy task, and adds that Srishty and Saba will not be able to be the captains till the time they are in the house. Hence Romil and Surbhi  will continue to be the captains this week. Plus, Srishty tried to harm herself when she locked herself in the bathroom, and if this behaviour is repeated by any other contestant, he/she will have to face severe repercussions. 

Dipika manages to get Srishty out of the bathroom, and tells her she started the task with aggression. But Karanvir says Saba's defence was an attack. Srishty can't stop crying and says she was just doing the task normally. Karanvir says that she has the opportunity to accept her mistakes and express what has happened to her. 

Sourabh and Karanvir are the only ones on Srishty's side, and rest of them have decided to give their magnetic plates to Saba. As the tasks starts, Srishty tries to steal Saba's plates that she has stuck on the board. Saba asks her not to, but she continues to do it. In this process, they both keep pushing each other. As Srishty continues to wipe Saba's name from her plates, she pushes her very aggressively. This pisses off Srishty, who removes her mic and walks out and locks herself in the bathroom and starts to throw things. Dipika says that although Srishty started the pushing game, but Saba's push was very aggressive. 

The captaincy task is announced. As a part of the captaincy task, the two contenders have to collect magnetic plates from the other housemates by convincing them. Later, they have to put the obtained magnetic plates on a board which is placed in the garden area. The contenders have to write their names on the plates and in the end, whoever has the most number of plates with their names will win the task.  They are also given an opportunity to strike the opposition’s name and write their name on the plates. Dipika is asked to be the sanchalak of this task. 

Karanvir motivates Srishty and tells her that she has to be the next captain and defeat Saba and Somi, come what may. He indirectly adds that Dipika has to go to kallkothri this week for what she did to Sreesanth. She tells him that even she was shocked. 

Dipika is still crying and tells Karanvir that Sreesanth told her that he wants to meet his kids and go home. Sreesanth tells Anup now the world is watching and she is doing this on purpose. She only wanted to save Nehha. Anup tells him that she will convince Karanvir to believe she did the right thing. Sreesanth says that now he will win the show, anyhow. 

Next morning, the contestants wake up to the song, Pretty Woman. The energy in dull. Sreesanth tells Anup that Nehha doesn't care that he is out. He says that Deepak is genuine and so is Urvashi. He says that he is shocked that Dipika named him just when he started to take his stint seriously. 

As everyone is still getting over Sreesanth's eviction, Deepak Thakur sings a song for Sreesanth, which makes Surbhi and Saba cry. 

The housemates are still discussing about Sreesanth's eviction. Somi Khan tells Deepak Thakur and Romil Chaudhary that she wants Sreesanth to come back and he is like an elder brother to her. The three add that Sourabh Patel and Shivashish Mishra betrayed Sreesanth by taking his name for eliminations, because even they used to call him brother. Somi further adds that she was shocked when even Dipika Kakar also named Sreesanth. 

Dipika, on the other hand, is crying and tells Karanvir Bohra that Sreesanth told her that he wants to go and hence she picked him over him and Nehha Pendse. Srishty tells Sourabh that he should not have named Sreesanth, because he is real and displays various emotions unlike Nehha. 

Who are your friends? Who are your enemies? These questions have brought great stress and has caused confusion amongst the housemates. A surprise mid-eviction in the Bigg Boss house left the contestants in shock and anguish as Sreesanth got evicted from the house. The singles and the jodis were both affected by this eviction and everyone broke down in tears. But none of them have a clue that he has joined Anup Jalota in the secret room and now both of them will be keeping a close eye on each contestant. Bigg Boss 12: Saba Khan's Punishment For Pushing Srishty Rode Should Be More Severe Than Surbhi Rana's.

On tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12, we will get to witness a captaincy task during which competitors Saba Khan and Srishty Rode will get into a major catfight. So much that Saba will end up pushing Srishty thereby breaking the most important rule of the Bigg Boss house. Stay tuned on this page for all the LIVE updates of tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12.