Sreesanth's use of foul language inside the house has not gone down well with anyone inside the house. Sree is driven to the point of apologising to the contestants. But arguments continue. 

Later in the night, because of another argument,  Sourabh Patel gets emotional and is seen crying.

Dipika starts crying upon learning that she will lose the captaincy task. Bigg Boss announces Roshmi and Kriti to be the winner of the first captaincy task, based on the number of roses won by contestants from Anup Jalota. 

Dipika is crying because it was not her mistake that she lost the task. 

Members of the doubles team steal all the roses from Anup and Dipika and lock themselves in the bathroom. Dipika says this is unfair. All the contestants urge doubles to come out of the bathroom and play the game fairly. They do come out. 

Bigg Boss asks the contestants to control themselves. 

Roshmi is talking to Shivashish and tells him that whatever they do won't matter, as Anup Jalota will be influenced by Jasleen in the end and do what she says. 

Roshmi, then, gets into the swimming pool to impress Anup Jalota. He does get impressed and gives her a rose. 

Sree Santh verbally abuses Shivashish Mishra enraging him. Shivashish asks the former if he meant what he said. Sree Santh says that he is in the character for the task and since they two are on opposite teams he abused him. Shivashish asks him not to do that anymore. 

Shivashish goes to the camera and complaints about Sree's behaviour to Bigg Boss. Neha Pendse meets Sree in the bathroom and asks him to control himself as they are only four members on their team. 

Contestants are having a gala time playing the first task. They try their best to charm Anup Jalota while campaigning for their favourite to-be captain.

In the first captaincy task of the season, to pick between Dipika and Roshmi-Kriti, Anup Jalota is declared the king. All contestants have to convince him to pick their favourite as the captain. And the game begins. 

Bigg Boss ask singles to nominate one lady from their side and double to nominate a pair from their side. Singles nominate Dipika Kakar because they think she is calm. Doubles nominate Roshmi and Kriti because they think the ladies are on good terms with everyone inside the house. Saba and Somi object. Bigg Boss announces that captaincy nomination has to be a unanimous decision urging contestants to rethink. 

Housemates convince Saba and Somi to stand back for this task. Bigg Boss ask the contestants about their decision once again. Roshmi and Kriti are nominated by the doubles. 

Bigg Boss announces that it is time to pick the first captain of the house. But, there is a catch. Bigg Boss is upset that the contestants fared so terribly in the first luxury budget task, especially the male contestants. So, it is announced that only female contestants are eligible to take part in the captaincy task. 

You know it is going to be a lovely morning when you wake up to a Shah Rukh Khan song. Housemates of Bigg Boss 12 wake up to Badhshah title track. Certainly, a good start for the day. But it doesn't remain good for long as Bigg Boss' announcement changes the ambience inside the house. 

By now you must be aware that tensions are running high inside the house. In tonight's episode - the fifth day for contestants inside the house - the first captain of Bigg Boss 12 will be elected. We are eagerly waiting to see who will get handle the coveted responsibilities of the house. These responsibilities not only help one get a stronghold inside the house but also it is the easiest way to become the villain of the house. Drama quotient is going up by several notches post this captainship announcement. Let us begin...

Contestants wake up to a Shah Rukh Khan song