Bigg Boss 12: BREAKING! Double Eliminations on The First Weekend with Salman Khan?
Double eliminations on the first weekend of BB12?

The first nominations of Bigg Boss 12 took place in last night's episode. The

Jodis had to nominate the celebrities, who entered the show solo and the latter had to choose one Jodi after a mutual discussion. As part the first nomiations ki prakriya, the Jodis were shown pictures of two celebrities on the TV screen and the celebs too had a choice between six jodis and they had to select three out of them. After a lot arguments and discussion both the teams came up with their final decision.

First singles picked the jodis and the first jodi they pick is of Kriti Verma and Roshmi Banik, as they feel that they are strong in the game. The second jodi they picked was sisters Saba Khan and Somi Khan, of course for the drama they created in the house. The third choice they got was between Deepak Thakur and Urvasi Vani, and Shivashish Mishra and Sourabh Patel. This combination left them confused, but they chose Shiv and Sourabh. Bigg Boss 12: This Shocking Video EXPOSING Anup Jalota Is Going Viral on the Internet.

Then it was time for jodis to nominate the celebs. First they see Srishty Rode's picture on the screen and they decide to nominate her. Then Dipika Kakar's picture is displayed on the screen and they nominate her as well. Then they see S Sreesanth's photo, and they save him. Bigg Boss announced the results and Roshmi and Kriti's jodi, sisters Saba and Somi, Shivashish and Sourabh's jodi, Dipika and Srishty (individually) are nominated this week for eliminations.

This left the fans confused, as many were wondering if a jodi got less, will both be eliminated or only one of them will bid adieu to the house. Well, putting an end to all the confusion let us tell you if at all a jodi gets the least number of votes, both the contestants will have to leave the house. The fans have been voting for a jodi and not for a single contestant in the pairs that are nominated. So there are high chances that we will witness a double eliminations on Bigg Boss 12. Who will it be? Well, we will know only on the weekend. Till then keep voting for your favourite contestants in our poll right here:

Who should get eliminated from Bigg Boss 12 on the first weekend?

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