Sidharth tries to provoke Vishal and jokes that they should spit on each other. Vishal says that he won't spit on shit. Mahurima gets angry. Rashami asks Sidharth not to instigate them. Sidharth says that why is Rashami is coming in between. Sidharth pulls Rashami's leg. 

New captaincy task begins. Shehnaaz, Arti, Mahira and Shefali Jariwala will be locked in the garden area. Their loved ones will enter the house. If the contestants move from their position and allowe their family to come in, they will lose the chance at captaincy. Artis' brother Krushna Abhishek enters the house. Arti opens the lock for him, giving up her captaincy. She hugs her brother and cries. Arti asks Krushna if she let him and the family down. Krushna says that she kept the dignity intact and tells her how some kids recognised him as 'Arti ka bhai'. Krushna's kids also enter the house and Arti is elated to see them. Krushna and Arti introduce the kids to the housemates. 

Bigg Boss asks Vishal's final decision. Vishal accepts the punishment and enters the jail. Paras talks sense into Vishal and says he has contribution in the show while Madhurima has only fought so far. Vishals says, Madhurima has nothing to lose. Madhurima gets angry and says that he only created a scene about leaving the show. Paras says that he can't leave without breaching his contract. 

Rashami is asked to be the jailer. Vishal refuses to accept the punishment and says that he wants to leave the show. Shehnaaz tells Arti that she was right when she took Madhurima's side. Throwing water is also bad like hitting. Madhurima is fine with the punishment. Vishal says he wants to leave again. Mahira says that he should not make an exit like this as he will be remembered for it only. Vishal refuses to listen to anyone. Madhurima asks Rashami to open her jail's door since Vishal is not in his jail. Rashami is asks Vishal to go to jail. Bigg Boss asks everyone to come to living area. Shehnaaz asks Rashami to open Madhurima. Bigg Boss reprimands Vishal again. Bigg Boss asks him the last time if he wanst to accept the punishment or not. Asim and Rashami try to convince Vishal to accept the punishment. Vishal says he won't accept. Bigg Boss asks if his decision to leave is final. Rashami and Asim try to calm him down. Vishal says his decision is final. Bigg Boss says that he is allowed to leave and this will be a voluntary exit. Rashami and Asim try and convince Vishal. They ask some time from Bigg Boss to convince Vishal. Mahira and Shefali discuss that Vishal is a nice guy. Paras tells Vishal that if makes a voluntary exit he will have to pay a hefty fine. Bigg Boss asks for a final decison.

Contestants are gathered in the living room by Bigg Boss. They get a stern warning from Bigg Boss over their behaviour. Bigg Boss says Vishal that despite their and Madhruima's warning, he thrown water at his ex. Bigg Boss says that this provoked Madhurima to hit her. And that both are wrong. Bigg Boss tells Madhurima and Vishal that they won't be contestants on the show anymore but will continue to live in the house. They will be told their final punishment over the weekend. Bigg Boss tells that Vishal and Madhurima will be locked in two separate jails in the living room. 

Madhurima says that Vishal is only getting work because of her. Vishal hits back: 'I made you.''Aukat nahi thi teri, tujhe date kar lia. Kuch nahi tha tu. Maine film ki heroine thi,' Madhurima says, regretting dating Vishal. 

In the bedroom, Vishal and Madhurima continue to fight. Madhurima tells him that 'hath laga ke dekh, sar fod dungi tera'. Vishal says that she is playing the woman-card. Rashami tries to calm them down. Madhurima says that Vishal 'ko lagni chahie'. Vishal threatens to hit her if she doesn't shuts up. Shehnaaz backs Madhruima and asks why did Vishal throw water on her. Arti Singh backs Vishal and says hitting is wrong, irrespective of the gender. Rashami says that Shehnaaz is fuelling the fight unncesarily. Rashami screams on Shehnaaz. Madhurima joins the fight and screams at Rashami that she never hits anyone without reason. 

Madurima continues to call Vishal 'behen ji'. Vishal throws water on Madhurima's face. She gets angry and slams him with a pan. Vishal stares at him. Madhurima continues to scream at him. Argument continues. Madhurima picks a frying pan to hit Vishal, but contestants stop her. Madhurima goes to the bathroom. Rashami asks Shehnaaz to not ask Madhurima anything. Paras wants Madhurima to be evicted. Shefali calls Madhurima a mad woman. Shefali and Paras continue to talk how Vishal should take a stand. Sidharth says that Rashami is taking for someone for the first time as she has needed someone to take a stand for her for so long. Rashami gives it back to him.

Rashami asks Paras to make tea for her. Paras says he has fever. Rashami asks Arti to make tea for her and she also refuses. Arti and Rashami argue over this. Asim defends Rashami, infuriating Arti further. Arti says that contestants are ungrateful towards Paras, as he makes tea every morning. Arti adds that all they do is sleep. Rashami asks Vishal to make tea for her. She says that it is the first time she is asking something from him. Vishal refuses to make tea for Madhurima. Asim defends Vishal and Madhurima says that Vishal does not know how to take a stand for himself. Vishal agrees to make tea. Madhurima continues to mock him and calls him 'behen ji'. Vishal pours a bottle of water on Madhurima and she chases him to do the same. They are given a stern warning by Bigg Boss to take care of cameras and mic. Madhurima continues to call Vishal 'behen ji'.

Shefali Jariwala is not taking Asim Riaz' refusal to not make food for her. She is doing the opposite. She is cooking food for Asim even when he asked her not to. Shefali cooks roti and keeps on his bed. Asim screams at her and asks her to take it back. He asks her to stop making rotis for him. Asim comes to the kicthen and argues with Shefali. Shefali continues to mock him. 

It is a new day on Bigg Boss 13. But we will get to see the same old violence between Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh. The two will misbehave with each other once again. Madhurima will even hit her ex-boyfriend with a frying pan so bad that the utensil will break apart. They will get a stern warning from Bigg Boss, but Vishal will refuse to accept the punishment given to him. He will declare that he wants to leave the house, leaving Rashami Desai teary-eyed. We will learn in tonight's episode if he will actually leave the show or not. Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla Peels Off Asim Riaz's Skin During A Fight With Rashami Desai?

Other than that, there will be some happiness in the house. Family members of the housemates will enter as guests. Arti Singh's brother, Shehnaaz Gill's father and Mahira Sharma's mother will enter the house. Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaaz Gill’s Obsession Towards Sidharth Shukla Lands Her in Trouble, Makers Call In A Psychiatrist For 'Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif'? (Watch Video).