After the chaos between Asim and Paras, the latter is in a pissed mood and when Mahira tells him to stop being abusive. Paras gets irritated and tells Sharma to stop talking to her as he does not like to be adviced. Well, ego it is, Splitsvilla 5 winner. 

Sidharth explains to Mahira and Paras that there is no need to stretch the topic further at this moment. To which Paras replies to him that Asim needs to learn the hard way as he has time and again pointed out at almost many housemates 'aukat'. 

Asim approaches Paras and quizzes him as he has talked about his status, he wants to know more about his luxurious mansion with three bedrooms. Asim intentionally does this to make the latter realise, how wrong he is when he pointed at his status. Well, we do agree with Asim here. 

Amidst Sid and Asim, Paras jumps in between and tells Riaz that why he needs a bar, if there is liquid already? From there starts an abusive verbal fight between the lads. While Asim provokes, Paras could not keep calm and instead tells Asim that his status has gone up by sharing screen space with him. Ouch...

Asim calls Sidharth and tells him that he wants a bar to wash the utensils. To which Shukla replies that he can say this to any other inmate and not him. Asim tries to explain that he purposely informed him for faster results. Sid to not agree to the same and the two men argue. 

Himanshi and Asim while washing the utensils talk about how the kitchen platform is dirty. Khurana goes and tries to clean it when Asim stops her and tells its not their duty but its Mahira's. Asim further calls the captain Sid and complains about the same. 

Bigg Boss announces that the task will not be played further and the team with more alphabets with them will win the task. Team Paras had the most number of alphabets and so they win it big. 

Shehnaaz Gill and Rashami Desai get into a verbal fight over getting too touchy a violent during the task. While Shehnaaz fights for Sidharth and Rashami tells her that its a task and things can get a bit dirty. Owing to the same, the two girls yell and verbally fight over the same. 

Sidharth Shukla grabs an alphabet and Shefali, as well as Asim, surrounds him to snatch it. The game gets so dirty that Asim uses a lot of force to get the alphabet out of Sid's hand. Finally, Bigg Boss comesin between and stops the task. 

The luxury budget task is turning out to be a quite chaotic one, as after Sid vs Asim, its Shefali Jariwala vs Paras Chhabra. The Splitsvilla winner accuses Jariwala of using the 'woman card' as she was the one who got into the snatching game between three guys which was not at all needed. 

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The controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 13 has finally become a treat to watch. From bonds changing in the house to manipulation at its peak, BB 13 with each passing day is turning into a fun game. Last night’s episode (Wednesday) saw Sidharth Shukla getting all the votes from the inmates and becoming the new captain of the house. And well now, going by the updates about today’s episode it looks like a romantic as well as a war filled day. Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan’s Reality Show Kicked OUT From the Top 10 TRP List, After Being There on Number 9 for a Week!


Himanshi Khurana will be celebrating her 28th birthday on the show today. Amidst the same, Asim Riaz will hug and kiss the birthday girl which will make fans go aww. Also, BB will introduce a new luxury task to the housemates which will serve lots of fights. During the task, Paras Chhabra and Shefali Jariwala will get into a verbal war wherein the former will accuses the latter of using the ‘woman card’. Seems like tonight’s episode will be a good one to binge-watch. Keep a tab on all the happenings from the BB 13 house here. Read on. Bigg Boss 13 Day 57 Synopsis: Asim Riaz Cooks a Heart-Shaped Paratha for Himanshi Khurana on Her Birthday, Makes It a Memorable One!