Bigg Boss 13 Day 9 Highlights: Sidharth Supports Devoleena Bhattacharjee in Queen Task; Shefali Bagga and Shehnaaz Gill Thrown Out of the Game
Here's the highlights of tonight's episode. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

The thirteenth season of the popular reality show Bigg Boss, that thrives on fights, drama, romance and controversies, premiered on September 29, and is only two weeks away from its finale. As finale's approaching, the contestants are on their toes to fight for themselves and how! Barely three weeks into season 13, and the show is already witnessing the start of what promises to juicy spats over the coming weeks. In tonight's episode, viewers will get to see a face-off between actor Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai. Yes, ex-lovers Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai, who were reportedly in a relationship during the shooting of TV serial Dil Se Dil Tak, get into a brawl over their responsibilities and kitchen chores. Bigg Boss 13 Day 8 Highlights: Shehnaaz, Rashami, Dalljiet Kaur and Koena Mitra Get Nominated

Here's Bigg Boss 13 Episode 8 Highlights:

# In tonight's episode, Bigg Boss announces that the contestants, who were given their bed partners and asked not to change as one of the rules in the house, have been freed. Yes, Bigg Boss said that the contestants can now choose to their bed partners.

# Shehnaaz Gill turns an entertainer in the Bigg Boss house as she makes fun of Koena Mitra and acts possessed trying to scare the other contestants in the house. Shehnaaz also mocks Koena Mitra as she hides from her and makes fun of her along with the other contestants in the house. Bigg Boss 13: Paras Chhabra Tells Arti Singh, Dalljiet Kaur That He Tried to End Relationship With Girlfriend Akanksha Puri Many Times While She Says ‘It’s His Game Plans’

# Shehnaaz then tries to scare Asim Riaz, while the rest of the housemates have fun watching the two.

# Housemates discuss whether or not they should get 'roti' or 'rice' for dinner. Since some like rice for dinner, majority of them want 'roti' and since they don't come to any conclusion, it leads to an argument between Shehnaaz Kaur Gill and Devoleena Bhattacharjee over rationing.

# Then Sidharth Shukla argues with Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee about the size of the rotis being made in the house. However, Rashami, who gets offended by Siddharth's continuous tantrum, makes very clear that no one should interfere in their duties.

# While Siddharth and singer-actress Shehnaaz Gill will team up to speak up about the usage of 'aata', Paras Chhabra and Dalljiet Kaur will try to sort out the debate on consumption of roti and chawal. Meanwhile, Koena wants to change the kitchen team.

# However, the debate over ration will not end here as the 'gharwale' will be seen fighting and arguing about kitchen duties. Asim Riaz too argue with Devoleena over meals, while she points out how he is not doing his job of bathroom cleaning duties.

# When Sidharth tells Rashami and Devoleena to use the ingredients properly and make thinner rotis so that less flour is used and more is saved for the rest of the week, it does not go down too well with Rashami. Bigg Boss 13: Ex-Lovers Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla Indulge in Ugly War of Words Over Kitchen Responsibilities (Watch Video)

# The two get into a brawl over their responsibilities and kitchen chores. The argument then escalates as Sidharth tells Rashami, "Aukaad mein reh’ while she yells back at him, asking him to not cross his limits. Finally, the fight ends with Devoleena breaking down as she is tired with everyone ordering her around.

# Now a kingdom has been built in the garden area. And Bigg boss announces the 'Queen Task'. While the girls are fighting to become the queen, the boys' role is to guard the queens. Now it will be interesting to see, who supports whom in the queen task.

# The girls have to convince the boys to be on their side and support them to become the queen. The boys will get a key and then will have to decide, whom do they want to suppor in the task. While Sidharth Shukla supports Devoleena in the queen task, Paras Chhabra is busy plotting against as he does not want Shefali Bagga to become the queen. And he discusses this with Siddhartha Dey.

# As Devoleena, who gets the power to remove one from the competition, throws Shefali Bagga out of the 'Queen Task."

# When Chhabra gets the second key, he chooses Dalljiet Kaur in the 'Queen Task'. WEll, after Shefali Bagga, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill has been thrown out of the 'Queen Task'.

# Going by the looks of this task, it seems like there will new groups formed and what will that be like. While the episode comes to an end, fights, drama and the 'Queen Task's' result is yet to be announced. While we return tomorrow, let us know who do you think will become the queen this week in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, the new season of Bigg Boss will be entirely shot at Filmcity, Goregaon unlike Lonavala every year. According to reports, season 13 will start airing from September 29. A web portal quoted their source as saying, "Bigg Boss 13 will start telecasting from September 29 this time and given that the show is usually a 15-week affair, the Grand Finale is expected to be around January 12, 2020." Stay tuned to this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 13. Stay tuned!