Salman Khan finally starts the topic of 'jalan' and takes a test. He asks the housemates to fill two beakers that are placed between Mahira and Shehnaaz, as per their opinion of who is jealous of the other. The task's outcome upsets Shehnaaz a lot and her breakdown upsets Salman Khan so much that he ends up yelling at her.Check Out The Video Below:

Deepika and Vikrant announce team B - Shefali, Vishal Madhurima, Arti and Shehnaaz as winners of the task and Deepika takes them out on a drive around in film city. 

Vikrant asks Vishal and Shehnaaz to recreate Paras and Mahira's antics and closeness in the house and do a fabulous job. Deepika asks Rashami and Mahira to play Vishal and Madhurima's love- hate relationship. Arti and Vishal are then asked to re-create Rashami and Sidharth's chai fight. 

Deepika asks Asim and Sidharth to recreate Madhurima and Mahira's recent fight over the latter's 'bade honth'. She then asks Paras to play Shehnaaz and recreate her fight with Mahira over the house duties. 

Laxmi announces the entry of Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey into the house and Vishal Aditya Singh is smitten. The Chhapaak stars ask the two teams to mimic each other in their given situations and also tease a special prize for the winners. 

Laxmi asks the housemates to unveil their inner insecurities:Paras starts with his stammering problem and also his bald problems.Sidharth hugs Laxmi and goes on to reveal how his age does not bother him. Shehnaaz opens up on her weak English speaking skills and how she is called jealous always. Arti talks about her panic attacks, depression and also a rape attempt.Vishal opens up about how he was molested by 2-3 men and thanks Arti for encouraging him. Madhurima reveals that she too was molested by her tutor. Rashami recounts how her mom would be taunted for giving birth to a girl child and also reveals a suicide attempt. 

Salman Khan welcomes acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal who enters the house. She graciously meets all the housemates and promotes Chhapaak and also says that she is here to fulfil some of the contestants' wishes. Laxmi narrates her ordeal, which leaves everyone emotional.

Salman Khan shows the audience a clip where Sidharth and Madhurima's fun-filled banter turns serious where after playing along for some time, Madhurima loses her cool on Sidharth and they get into a fight. Sidharth drags Vishal into the fight and the latter questions Sidharth over it and the men end up arguing.

Bigg Boss announces Shehnaaz Gill and Asim Riaz as the winners of the Comedy Club task and informs them that they are one step closer to Bigg Boss 13's new section 'the Elite Club'. Shehnaaz is later seen telling Sidharth and Arti that she is hurt with how Mahira is controlling Paras Chhabra. 

Asim Riaz enters with style and wins everyone's hearts. Asim's jokes are all in rap style which wins him lots of applause and even claps. Asim's immensely impressive performance wins him 7.6 points, the second-highest after Shehnaaz. 

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The latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode is something simply unmissable. After roasting each other in the second instalment of the Comedy Club task, the housemates will meet acid attack survivor Laxmi Aggarwal and actors Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey who will be here to promote their film, Chhapaak. Not only will the episode see some soul-baring confessions from the housemates, but also a fun-filled task, where the winners will get to take a round of the outside world with Deepika in an open jeep. However, the highlight we assume will definitely be Salman Khan and Shehnaaz Gill's face off and the former's strong advice to Sidharth Shukla about Shehnaaz's growing feelings for him. Stay Tuned! Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan WARNS Sidharth Shukla, Says 'Shehnaaz Gill Is In Love With Him' (Watch Video).