Bigg Boss OTT 3 housemates Armaan Malik and Sana Sultan indulged in an unsavoury tiff over a stuffed toy belonging to the latter. A simple prank involving Sana’s stuffed toy, which she fondly calls Sheru, turned into a fight, and the pitch rose between the two. In an upcoming episode, Armaan playfully hides Sheru, which deeply upsets Sana. The disagreement escalates, creating tension in the show hosted by Anil Kapoor. 'Bigg Boss OTT 3': Payal Malik Reveals She Isn't Armaan Malik's First Wife, Says 'Unke Divorce Ke Baad Hi Meri Shaadi Hui' (Watch Video).

Armaan, feeling frustrated, confronts Sana and will be heard saying, "I've already apologised. Why are you talking about the same topic day and night and not ending it now?" However, emotionally charged, Sana responds, "Mere emotions aapke bolne se nahi chalte (My emotions don’t just change because you say so). Sheru is something very personal to me. You’re not understanding my attachment. I’m sad, and it will take some time. ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’: Thara Bhai Joginder Slams Elvish Yadav for Slapping Maxtern, Vows To Destroy His ‘System’ if He Enters Anil Kapoor’s Reality Show (Watch Video).

Sana Sultan Talks to Sai Ketan Rao About Armaan Malik's Prank


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She is heard explaining to Armaan why she is attached to the toy. Sana added: “It’s something I’m emotionally attached to, so I can’t instantly become normal. I will take some time to bounce back. I've given you my explanation, and it should be respected." An irritated Armaan retorts, "Ek prank ka itne time se bakheda khada kar rakhi hai (You’ve turned a small prank into such a big issue)."

In this week’s nomination task, YouTuber Shivani Kumari was nominated for the third consecutive time by her housemates on the Anil Kapoor-hosted show. Other nominees include Chandrika Dixit, actress Poulomi Das, rapper Naezy, content creator Vishal Pandey, and tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani. The nomination task this week involved pairs of housemates choosing one name from two options given by Bigg Boss.

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