Crime Patrol, Sony TV’s Hit Show, Is Now A Book! Co-Authors Are Annup Sonii and Oswald Pereira!
(Picture Credits: Annup Sonii's Instagram Account)

Apart from the recently shut C.I.D, the other much loved Sony TV show has been Crime Patrol. Having premiered on May 11, 2003, the show has completed 15 years on television and enjoys a large viewership even today. Another factor of the show that really appealed to the audience all these years was the show’s host Annup Sonii. However, he quit the show a few months back. Anup Soni Undergoes Shocking Transformation! Crime Patrol Host’s Hot Pics to Set Internet on Fire Without ‘Satark Rahe Surakshit Rahe’ Warning

However, he is still going to be associated with the much-loved show in the form of its co-author. Yes, you read that right. Crime Patrol is now being turned into a book, which has been co-authored by show host Annup Sonii and writer Oswald Pereira. The book has been titled Crime Patrol: The Most Thrilling Stories by Annup Sonii (pictured) and Oswald Pereira.

According to Mumbai Mirror, the book has been endorsed by actor Ajay Devgn who says, “Crime doesn’t pay, but it makes for good reading. This book gives you a ringside view of some of the most dangerous crimes.”

Speaking to the tabloid, Annup was quoted as saying, “This is a book which lists some of the most heinous crimes and directs each one of us to keep away from crimes and also falling victim to it.” Oswald, who is a journalist, was quoted as saying that apart from real-life crimes, the book also highlights the contributions of the police force and how they beat all odds to solve cases and get justice to the victims.

Well, this will definitely be one much-awaited book for all the crime junkies, won’t it?