Dance Deewane Grand Finale, 15th September 2018: Aalok Shaw is Declared as the Winner of The Show
Grand Finale with Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan

Today's episode of Dance Deewane brings us to the end of this dance treat of a journey. Madhuri Dixit welcomes the finalists on stage with a modified version of her song gode jaisi chaal.

The finalists perform a medley of performances. Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan join the judges. The first to perform are the generation three dancers. Suman who is Dhinanath's wife joins him onstage as he gifts her ornaments and saree.

Next, we have an introduction into the Bigg Boss House. The house has an outhouse where there are four new inmates. Surbhi and Kriti with Roshna. They have already started the dirtiest of all arguments making us wonder what the season holds.

Now we have Alok and Arjun talks about how he has always thought about the time Alok entered the show. He talks about the hardships the little one has gone through. The show has bought a house for the child and his family in Kolkata.

The family is elated to know this. Bigg Boss house goes on air again as the inmates are asked to choose one person who should not go into the house. They select Roshna and this instigates another argument.

There Varun shares the stage with Aloka and dances away. Madhuri shares the stage with Varun Dhawan as she relates a cute story of them. She says that she used to make a small Varun dance and tease him too.

Anushka says that maybe she is the reason Varun is such an amazing dancer. The two adorably dance, and it is a sight to watch. Madhuri says that she feels so proud of Varun's growth.

Advik comes down straight from the skies and announces that Tushar is married. He shows a letter as proof. The letter is read out aloud to embarrass Tushar enough and more.

Arjun makes Tushar take a shahi snaan without a shirt in a bathtub. Next, we have a performance by Shashank, Arjun, Madhuri and Tushar. Varun cannot stop himself from dancing away as he hears the song.

Varun runs to the stage to hug Shashank and also gives Ishaan Khatter a tough competition with his super energetic moves. Prabhadeep gets a surprise from Shashank as his hearing issue is resolved by the intervention of a foundation.

Prabhadeep's parents take the stage to thank the foundation, and Prabhadeep also manages to utter some words. Varun talks about how much of an inspiration Shashank is.

Parbhadeep performs next. Madhuri is revealed to be Agent Advik's boss and the mastermind behind all the pranks on the show. Anushka announces the generation three winner to be Dhinanath.

Varun announces the generation two winner to be Kishan and Anushka announces Alok to be the generation one winner. Alok also gets a bunch of surprises from the judges as a part of his dance and educational financial aid.

There is another grand act by Tushar before the final results. Finally Madhuri announces the winner to be Aalok Show.