Exclusive Bigg Boss 13: Arhaan Khan Says, 'Going to Do Gandhigiri, but If Someone Crosses Limit, Won't Take Time to Become Subhash Chandra Bose'
Arhaan Khan (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Arhaan Khan is the newest entrant on the reality show Bigg Boss 13. After an interaction with Salman Khan tonight at the First Finale of the show, Arhaan will enter the house. In an exclusive interview with LatestLY, Arhaan revealed that he does get angry but that is not his intention as he enters the house. He wants to make friends and bring everyone closer. "I am going on the show to do Gandhigiri. I will try to build this broken house. I will try to make everyone friends again, if it happens then fine.  But if someone crosses the limit with me, it won't take me time to become Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose," Arhaan said. EXCLUSIVE Bigg Boss 13 Wild Card Arhaan Khan: 'Salman Khan Cannot Be Biased'.

Well, he made the analogy given the fact that Gandhi and Bose had very stark opposite ideologies when it came to fighting with the enemies. We'd love to see how Arhaan's journey in the house turns out to be after these claims. EXCLUSIVE Bigg Boss 13 Wild Card Himanshi Khurana Makes a Shocking Revelation: 'Shehnaaz Gill Was Boycotted by A-Listers in the Industry'.

When asked who his favourire contestant is from all the seasons of Bigg Boss, Arhaan revealed that it is Bigg Boss 9 winner Prince Narula. "My favourite contestant  of all seasons is Prince Narula. I think he is exactly like me. He is grounded just like me," Arhaan concluded. We will get back to this quote in a few weeks and see if Arhaan is actually like Prince Narula or not. For now, we are looking forward to the First Finale of Bigg Boss 13.