Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 December 6, 2018 Written Update Full Episode: Anurag Gets Naveen Babu's Marriage Certificate, Will He Confess His Love For Prerna Now?
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Today’s episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 starts with Naveen Babu sarcastically questioning Prerna (Erica Fernandes) about Anurag (Parth Samthaan). Prerna gives Naveen Babu a cold answer. In return, Naveen Babu says people think about those people who are close to their heart, and now you should be thinking about me as I am close to you and we are getting married. Just then Dadi comes and sits beside Prerna and asks her who is this old uncle, is he Rajesh’s friend or what? Prerna tells Naveen that Choti Dadi has a habit of forgetting things. To this, Naveen says yes I am Rajesh’s friend and I am the one getting married to Prerna. Dadi tells Prerna that Naveen Babu must be forgetful because he must have married a long time ago. She also asks Prerna to inform this guy that she will be getting married to Anurag. Prerna fumbles and says no Dadi nothing like that, Naveen gets angry and says to Prerna don’t worry everyone will forget Anurag one day and you will too. Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Spoiler Alert: Madhuri Reaches The Hospital To Kill Anurag; Prerna To Save Him?

Naveen goes and sits beside Mohini and asks for Maloy Jiju, Anurag, and Anupam. She informs him that they are playing cards and Anurag is out for work. At the registrar's office, Sid tells Anurag to be calm and assures that everything will be fine. Anurag’s gets angrier and wonders why is this man not giving the certificate. He tells Sid that if we are asking if he should understand it is important for us, Sid says calm down I will see. On the other hand, at Prerna’s house, Mohini tries calling Anurag, but he does not answer her phone. She tells Naveen that Anurag is deliberately not answering her call because he must have gone to visit the decorators to get her favourite flowers as he wants to surprise her. Naveen is tensed as he wants to know where Anurag has gone at this time, suddenly he remembers when he was talking to the workers about decoration and enquired about the flower, they said it is specially ordered for Mohiniji, which stays fresh for five days, so we have started decoration from today. Naveen assumes may be Anurag is plotting something against him and gets tensed. Prerna watches Naveen Babu and thinks why is he tensed. Just then Bhabhi comes and tells Naveen that she is happy to see him here, as no male person is interested in this function everyone is busy playing cards. She tells him how she even asked Anurag to stay here but he told he has some work in the office and went away. She asks him if he wants tea or something to drink, but he just says I will ask you when I want don’t worry.

Naveen thinks Anurag is not a person who will go to the office at this time when Prerna’s haldi function is going on. He suspects Anurag is up to something. Naveen is very disturbed if Anurag went to the registrar office and finds about his previous marriage everything will be over. Naveen thinks he should call Madhuri and tell her about this. At the registrar's office Anurag is waiting for the certificate, just then a couple comes out of the office, their friends congratulate them on their marriage. The couple says they will be there with each other whatever the situation and crises come, seeing this Anurag remember he has also told Prerna that he will be with her every time if she is in any problem. Sid comes out of the office with the marriage certificate, Anurag is very happy to get it and thanks God for this and hugs Sids tightly. Anurag asks Sid how did he confront that guy in the office, Sid made a story about Prerna and Anurag love story and made the person emotional and takes the certificate. Sid says Anurag you love Prerna and that is why you are doing so much for her. Just then Naveen calls Anurag, but he cuts his phone and then calls him again. Naveen asks were are you, he tells why are you so bothered about me. Naveen says I applied haldi on Prerna’s face and tells him that her cheeks are so soft. Anurag gets angry, Naveen tries to provoke him by saying all things which Anurag wouldn't like.

Anurag gets very angry and says our culture doesn’t allow two marriages and keeps the phone. Naveen is shocked and is very confused about what to do now as Anurag came to know about his marriage, just then Prerna comes and asks who was on the phone. Naveen asks her to go back and finish the haldi and rushes out of the room and searches for Madhuri, who can help him. He sees Madhuri talking to Prerna’s mom, she is praising Naveen in front of her. She sees Naveen wants to talk to her, so she excuses and comes to meet him. Naveen tells Madhuri about the situation, she says let us run from here as we can be caught. But Naveen says I can't go back after coming so far, no one can come between me and Prerna, and whoever will come, will be killed by me, even Anurag and goes out of the room. Prerna is in her room thinks why she's not happy, every function is going so well. She closes her eye and imagines Anurag touching her cheeks and she feels relaxed. She then hears Anurag ask her if she loves him and her imagination breaks. She opens her eyes and thinks why I am getting this feeling now when I am getting married to Naveen?

Anurag and Sid are coming back from the office, and Anurag is very happy as he has got proof of Naveen's marriage. Here, Prerna thinks she should call Anurag and the video call connects. They talk to each other, Prerna tells him that she's worried for him. She asks him if he talked to Naveen as he looked tensed and wanted to talk to him. She asks Anurag, what's the matter? Anurag tells Prerna that he's coming home and that he wants to talk to her about Naveen Babu and "us".

In the precap, Anurag and Sid's accident is shown.