Kumari Srimathi Review: There was a time when watching simple stories of an underdog would fill us with great pride. Now the narrative has changed for the good with female protagonists leading the story. Kumari Srimathi walks on the same path and delivers for the most part. But the uncomplicated approach gets a bit banal after a while. Kumari Srimathi Trailer: Nithya Menen Jovially Tackles Taunts and Hurdles in This Amazon Prime Telugu Series (Watch Video).

Srimathi's (Nithya Menen) marital status is an oxymoron to her name. Srimathi in Telugu means a married woman but she is unmarried and that makes her an object of shock for many. She doesn't have any dreams of getting married before she makes something of her life. Currently, she is fighting a court battle for her inheritance with her uncle and the only way to save it is if she pays him. Srimathi is determined to make it happen by opening a bar and restaurant. Obviously, in a small village on the banks of Godavari, this is unheard of. Chaos thus ensues.

Kumari Srimathi maintains a refreshingly uncomplicated and straightforward execution, which is perhaps its greatest achievement. This series captivates with its ability to seamlessly blend into your own experiences, making you feel like an integral part of the story. This series doesn't rely on grandeur to make an impact; instead, it effortlessly weaves its narrative into the fabric of your own understanding.

The series also makes a point of being extremely relatable. A teacher asking, 'You didn't forget to eat, then why did you forget to do your homework?' is a rude reminder of our time in school. The punishment to boys to sit between the girls is what we grew up dealing with. Retaining these aspects in a mobile fiddling generation is a feat!

But sadly this simplistic approach gets a little too much after a while. Her struggle to get all the logistics fixed takes up most of the runtime. There are incessant talks about marriage with the women folk of Srimathi's family scouting guys for her. The narrative is the same in every episode and nothing moves from there. The six-episode runtime is also quite long. After a point, it loses the novelty.

The series also lacks humour. It probably is funny for those who understand Telugu but for those of us, who are surviving on subtitles, it doesn't really evoke much response.

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Nithya Menen embellishes the soft, naive but intelligent village girl act with the determination of today's youth impressively. It's as if she was born for this role. Gowthami is good as her mother while Rameshwari as her grandmother is simply stellar. Nithya Menen Lashes Out at Fake News Reports Claiming She Was Harassed by a Tamil Actor: ‘Be Better Than This’.

Final Thoughts

Kumari Srimathi possesses the essence of a relatable story, but to stand out in this crowded world of streaming content, it should have induced the occasional narrative turbulence. The simplicity is the virtue here but it does get in the way of being a satisfying watch. Kumari Srimathi streams on Amazon Prime.


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