Kumkum Bhagya January 8, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Abhi Expose Pragya and Mr King’s Real Relationship
Stills of Anhi and Pragya from Kumkum Bhagya. (Photo Credit: File Photo)

Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Disha and Purab meeting King as the Embassy officers. Abhi probes Purab for the questions King asks him. But Purab gets scared as he cannot handle it properly. Later he manages to threaten King to call police if he doesn’t co-operate with them. Disha and Purab try to make King scared and asks him to show all his papers to them. King goes to get the papers to show them. Abhi listens to all the conversation and sees all as he is on the video call with Purab. By that time Pragya comes there. Seeing her coming his mobile falls down. He gets scared to see Pragya as she might hear the voice of Disha and recognize her. Kumkum Bhagya January 7, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: With Mr King Falling in Love With Pragya, Will Abhi Fail to Win Her Back?

On the other side, King shows them the papers. Abhi acts as if he is having pain in his leg, so Pragya picks up his mobile and give him and enquires whether he visited her house. Abhi denies without listening to her, Pragya again asks him whether he visited her house last night but later she feels that it was her imagination. Abhi says that she always felt his existence. Her Pallu gets stuck in a tree but she feels that he has held it.

Later she apologizes for misunderstanding him. Abhi feels that today he will definitely try to find out whether she is actually married to King. Pragya also feels that he said something even though he says in his mind. He asks her about when she got married to King. Pragya gets angry saying that she will invite him on their anniversary and leaves from there. Abhi says that today he will definitely get to know about the fact of her marriage with King.

On the other side, Disha and Purab check the papers of King. They ask him about his marriage details. Chachi gets angry with them for asking about his marriage. Disha handles the situation saying that they have complete right to ask questions to King as they are from Indian Embassy. She explains that such NRIs marry Indian girls but they leave them like that and go out of India, that is why they are doubting King’s marriage.

While talking, Purab by mistake takes Disha’s name but later handles the situation. They ask for Pragya’s passport. King goes to bring Pragya’s passport. The aunt doubts the officers of Indian Embassy. King says that he has checked their IDs. She alerts him to be careful. King says that he just want to show them papers and let the officers leave from there.

In the school, the drama rehearsal for the kid's drama starts with the Principles speech narrating the theme. Pragya and Abhi are very happy to see Kiara’s performance. Later Abhi goes out from there. Pragya keeps on looking for him. Abhi gives her a red Rose asks her to remind the day. Pragya recollects the day when he expressed his love for her after their marriage. Abhi feels sad as they are not together even though they promised to be with him always.