Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Bepannaah: 3 Twists Each We're Looking Forward to Next Week!

As the week bids adieus, we saw some major drama unfolding on our favourite shows. Next week seems too big for some real high voltage twists and turns. So here goes some major SPOILER ALERT for few of the forerunner dramas on television.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai just saw some heartbreaking Kaira moments what with the roller-coaster divorce that the couple went through. All the Kaira fans who hoped to see a 'KairaMilan' soon were left devastated by this turn of events amidst all the wedding drama.

  • Now though we do see a flicker of hope as the couple would be seen  missing each other. The next week will see them stalking each other and also reliving their past.
  • Naira cannot stop herself from trying to sneak around Goenka house hoping to have a glimpse of her lover boy.
  • We might witness another celebration with raakhi round the corner.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has been in the headlines -if I might put it that way -all of this week. Param's evil trap for Simmi and Pihu has ended with Raman and Ishita getting stuck underground.

  • This might come as a major shocker for the IshRa fans as we see a very drained and injured Raman saying his final goodbyes to Ishita.
  • We see Raman making Ishita promise she will meet him in every birth and be his wife too.
  • Do we have another separation on the cards-we so hope not! It would be heartbreaking to see the couple separate again.

# Kumkum Bhagya may be taking a very interesting turn now. Pragya is seen scared about the dreaded truth being revealed to Abhi-which being Kiara.

  • King and Abhi are to work together to find out who attacked Pragya. This would be interesting to watch as the two men have not shared any good vibes from the time they met. It would be interesting to watch if they come together for their lady love.
  • Abhi might lash out at Aliya and Tanu with his new found information about the attacks on Pragya. With the kind of past they share it would be interesting to watch Abhi confront these two.
  • Kiara is that well kept secret we cannot wait to be revealed to Abhi!

Bepannaah is making us smile in a weird sort of way as we see a very Aditya back.

# Ishqbaaz is all about ShiVika these days. Now that Anika has accepted her love for Shivay, she is leaving no stone unturned to make Shivay say the magical words.

  • Anika will be seen burning her hands on purpose- and we know how Shivay reacts to 'an injured Anika'.
  • Daksh is gone -but just for now, as we have seen him planning something big for the Anika, with Nikhil by his side.
  • Shivay's parents' past is haunting him and now with Tej back we might see more of that story.

Kundali Bhagya might be the one we look forward to most anxiously.

  • Karan in jail and Preeta by his side. This week might be pure bliss for the PreeRan fans as the crisis brings the couple together.
  • Prithvi comes to know about Preeta's plan to give her witness in Karan's favour, he  might have just the plans to stop her.
  • Rishabh is hot on Prithvi's trail-we might see Prithvi's mask going off pretty soon.