4 Congress MLAs 'Missing' & Other Incidents Raise Concern in Congress-JD(S) Camp?
Karnataka Elections 2018 Result (File Photo)

Karnataka, May 16: In a dramatic twist to the Karnataka Assembly Election results which was declared on Tuesday, BJP emerged as the single largest party but was short of a majority. Taking full advantage of the situation, Congress and JD(S) tried to jump in. So there is still a huge uncertainty on who will form the government.

BJP has asked time from the governor to prove majority so that they can form the government in Karnataka. In the meantime, Congress, with 78 seats is trying to build the government with JD(S). However, there has been aggressive poaching and resort politics tactics being used to get to power.

BJP has reportedly tried to poach MLAs of Congress and JD(S). Also according to TV reports, 4 Congress MLAs are missing, and they are not in touch with the Top brass. In addition to this, 12 JD (S) MLAs are also unhappy with the alliance. According to an ANI report, JD(S)' MLAs Raja Venkatappa Nayaka and Venkata Rao Nadagouda are missing from the JD(S) legislative party meeting which is going on in a hotel in Bengaluru. So this raises a huge question on the chance of a union between Congress and JD(S).

Responding to MLAs missing from his party, Siddaramaiah has been quoted as saying, "All the Congress MLAs are intact. Nobody is missing. We are confident of forming the government."