Dr. Amir Baluch is a successful serial entrepreneur and anesthesiologist. Amir Baluch puts this strategy and proven philosophy to work on behalf of other doctors. He helps others build multiple passive income streams and develop real, lasting success through eCommerce.

Dr. Baluch has four years of experience under a broker-dealer trained toAmir Baluch evaluate the opportunity, negotiate, mitigate risk, and underwriting. His hobbies are reading, scaling businesses, lifting weights. Dr. Amir Baluch enjoys several streams of income. He practices as an anesthesiologist, helping his patients deal with their pain. He has also turned his attention to assisting other doctors to deal with their pain - the pain of an unsecured financial future. With the creation of his newest company, Global eCommerce Consultants, Dr. Baluch helps doctors build successful Amazon stores that deliver reliable, consistent, passive. While he was able to resurrect himself, that teaching stayed with him, influencing his decisions, his goals, and, ultimately, his path to success. He is an international best-selling author of the wealth management and investment book "Make It, Keep It – New Age Wealth Strategies for Physicians" and a regular contributor to Forbes. He is currently running Global Ecommerce Consultants, a 200 plus employee company managing multiple e-commerce stores with private label, wholesale, and drop shipping models. He has been awarded the magazine's top 10 Bachelor in Dallas. He is selected to write business articles for Forbes. He is featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, and more.

He is also a Forbes Councils member, a successful entrepreneur, and a real estate investor. He also works with other doctors to help create six and 7-figure eCommerce stores, delivering passive income and peace of mind. To learn about him, follow him on Instagram @abaluchmd.