Ritam Gupta, the CEO and Founder of DeFi11 and Nonceblox, have had big goals. Instead of working for someone else from 9 to 5, he had always wanted to be his own boss. As a result, he worked really hard to get to this position in his career. When asked about it, the entrepreneur answers, "I studied information technology at the Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology."

Ritam Gupta was born and brought up in New Delhi is now a reputed businessman in Dubai. He is known for his outstanding skills in software development, technology consulting, team leadership and management, strategy and operations, enterprise architecture, and delivery management.

Ritam Gupta has been involved in the blockchain business for the past seven years. He had no idea what was going on when he initially walked in. He did, however, gain a lot of knowledge through time. Gupta worked as a consultant and a developer. "I've worked with a variety of companies, including the Deloitte Ireland, CareerBuilder Group, Cybersecurity Infotech, Airtel Payments Bank and others," he says.

No successful journey is devoid of any challenges. Everyone who is successful today has faced rejections, or people didn't believe in their talent. Sometimes, nothing goes the way a person plans their professional life. Entrepreneur Ritam Gupta also faced numerous hurdles when he decided to run his business in the blockchain industry. But he doesn't like to give much importance to it.

Gupta shares, "I've faced a lot of challenges. But I better keep it to myself than talking about it. I think we should give more importance to understanding the issues, finding solutions as every opportunity will help us achieve and conquer our goals."

Even today, Ritam Gupta has to tackle different issues while running his business. But he is an optimistic person who believes in finding an answer rather than being upset about anything.