Every now and then we all need some inspiration to help us break through the roadblocks on our path to success. It’s a common misconception that action comes from inspiration – but the secret to success that entrepreneurs like Irwin King III have discovered, is when we continuously act on our ideas, we are continuously inspired. Irwin had an idea, acted on it, and is now inspiring people all over the world sharing his story on his journey to becoming a 6 figure earner.

Irwin was born in Broward County, Florida in 2001. It was only in elementary school that Irwin’s flare for business was ignited. He would sell gum to his classmates, buying a pack for $1 and selling it with surprisingly large profit margins for a 12-year-old kid.

“My mom used to ask me where I got all this money from? When I told her she laughed and said ‘Boy, you can sell the pants off your body if you wanted to’” Says Irwin

After this brief stint in entrepreneurship, Irwin began a more traditional line of employment working for minimum wage, starting at a Trampoline Park for a year before moving to Chipotle to work as a grill guy. Irwin attended Broward Community College in 2020, majoring in accounting. However, as the severity of the pandemic increased so did Irwin’s drive to break away from the traditional ideals of completing post-secondary education and securing employment. ‘Since the pandemic has changed our day to day lives so drastically, why not change the way we earn a living?’ - was Irwin’s mindset as he bit the bullet and left his job to begin his journey to achieve financial freedom.

At the age of 18, Irwin was introduced to network marketing where he knew he could inject passion and hard work to achieve results. Irwin executed on his ideas generated from this new venture, capitalizing on his skillsets in communication and finance to create his business Elite Dream Chasers, a part of the Black Circle Family Investment Group.

When discussing the early stages of his business plans, Irwin says:

"One thing about being an entrepreneur is you're going to face a lot of challenges and adversity on your path of success, but it's how you overcome them. Personally, I had to make sacrifices to be here today. I sacrificed time, money, sleep, and energy. One quote that sticks with me is that ‘you have to sacrifice the person you are today for the person you want to become’, and that's what I did."

To date, Irwin’s business was initially located in Broward County but has now expanded to many different states in America and to different parts of the world. Elite Dream Chasers is focused on showing individuals how to diversify their sources of income without having to depend on just a JOB, or “Just Over Broke” as Irwin calls it. He educates the masses on shifting the mindset of exchanging time for money, to making your money work for you without putting a price tag on your precious time.

Irwin has been mentored by 7 and 8 figure earners and understands the potential of leveraging mentorship to achieve your goals. Becoming himself, a 6 figure earner at the age of 19, Irwin passes on his knowledge through Elite Dream Chasers, teaching the skillset of trading in the foreign exchange market, helping to create financial independence for his clients.

Irwin understands that people may want to be their own boss, but don’t know where to start. Having the right mindset is key in making the change from corporate climbing to entrepreneurship. When discussing what drives Irwin to continued success, he says:

“What keeps me going during times of adversity is remembering my why reason and reminding myself that there is always someone doing better than me who I can learn from, and someone who may want what I have achieved, who I can inspire. “

Outside of his busy schedule Irwin provides free seminars and webinars with the goal of reaching as many people as possible to provide the opportunity to learn new and exciting ways to find financial freedom. His day to day activities focus on gratitude, live trading sessions for his team, enhancing his business model, and working with his clients on a personal level to help them achieve their financial goals.

Although Irwin has achieved success at such a young age that some only dream of, he continues to work tirelessly to share his story of putting thoughts into action and in turn becoming inspired to change his own life, and now change the lives of others.