Petrol Price Cut by 11 Paise, Diesel Down Too; Check City-Wise Rates For June 6, 2018
Petrol and diesel prices continue to fall| (Photo Credits: PTI)

Mumbai, June 6: Petrol and diesel prices came down for the eighth continuous day on Wednesday, June 6, across the country. The price of petrol dropped by 11 paise today while the price of diesel was down by 8 paise. This was the cost of petrol and diesel on Tuesday, June 6.

In Mumbai, petrol price was at Rs 85.54 per litre on June 6 while the cost of diesel was Rs 73.25 per litre. In Delhi, the price of petrol today was Rs 77.72 per litre while diesel was at Rs 68.80. In Chennai, the price of petrol and diesel was Rs 80.68 per litre and Rs 72.64 per litre respectively. (Also Read: How Modi Government Can Tame Petrol and Diesel Prices)

Check the price of petrol and diesel in your city on June 6, 2018

State Capitals Prices

Agartala 73.40
Aizwal 73.52
Ambala 77.83
Bangalore 78.99
Bhopal 83.34
Bhubhaneswar 76.53
Chandigarh 74.75
Dehradun 78.78
Gandhinagar 77.01
Gangtok 80.70
Guwahati 79.92
Hyderabad 82.33
Imphal 75.78
Itanagar 73.54
Jaipur 80.49
Jammu 79.41
Jullunder 82.97
Kohima 76.15
Lucknow 78.26
Panjim 71.62
Patna 83.19
Pondicherry 76.48
Port Blair 66.96
Raipur 78.10
Ranchi 77.42
Shillong 77.08
Shimla 77.88
Srinagar 82.11
Trivandrum 80.86
Silvasa 75.59
Daman 75.52

This may bring some relief for consumers as the eight-day price reduction streak comes after unprecedented hike in prices of petrol and diesel last month. The prices of petrol and diesel reached all-time highs in the month of May and demands to cut down excise duty on fuel have grown louder since. (Here is how a Telangana man protested the meagre price reduction in petrol and diesel prices)

While the government has said that the daily dynamic pricing of petrol and diesel will continue, there have also been demands to bring fuel under the purview of Good and Services Tax (GST).