Silita Amiri is a successful and well-known e-commerce expert who has built a thriving career around teaching people how to make money online. Silita is just 25-year-old, but her smart money-making ideas have earned her global acclaim.

She began her career in Germany, but she soon moved to Dubai and relaunched her entrepreneurial venture with resounding success. She now dedicates her time to showing people all around the world how to leverage and take advantage of becoming an Amazon seller, even without owning or creating a brand from scratch.

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Even when I was a child, I knew I could work hard and battle against all odds to start my own business. I wanted to build my own Empire and learning how to sell products online became my biggest passion.”

As a serial entrepreneur, Silita had her hands in several different businesses, but she decided to focus solely on Amazon after she realized that none of her business ventures were doing anything near the numbers that Amazon could provide.

She has dedicated thousands of hours mastering the practical & theoretical side of selling products online. She is now successfully supervising more than a dozen Amazon stores and is adding additional inventory each and every day. Silita is practicing what she is preaching, this shows in the success rate of her students.

The financial freedom and flexible schedule that she now enjoys have allowed her to travel across the world.

“Amazon is not a magic wand to become rich in no time. But if you are willing to put in hard work consistently and manage your resources well, you can become a 6 figure earner. I am always ready to help and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs to accomplish their dreams as successful Amazon business owners.”

Whether you want to leave your job or just add another source of income: an online Amazon business can provide you with the financial freedom that you are seeking- if you are ready to commit to it 100%.

“Anything is possible, at the end it breaks down on what your goals are. When I started, I knew what my goal is: freedom and a 6-figure business. I achieved that within 1.5 years. Starting a business without a clear goal is like getting into the car without having a destination. You will just find yourself lost at some point.” This is why Silita only works with people who have a clear goal in mind.

Currently, Silita owns and manages Ecom Kingdom LLC & Kingdom Solutions FZE, offering a couple of programs, tailored to what people want: the done-with-you program and the done-for-you program for investors. Both programs are fully tailored to what the client needs.