Kerala Govt to Pay Rs 2 Lakh for Sex-Change Surgeries of Transgenders, Says CM Pinarayi Vijayan
Pinarayi Vijayan (Photo credits: PTI/File)

Kerala, August 6: Kerala government has announced its latest initiative for the upliftment of the transgender community. After looking at their education, and jobs, the state government will now pay for sex-change surgeries of transgenders, and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan announced this on his Facebook account. Rs 2 lakh will be reimbursed as hospital expenses for each transgender undergoing a sex change. For those who have already gone through the surgery can ask for assistance.

In his statement, Pinarayi said that financial constraints wouldn't come in the way of a transgender who wishes to live as a man or a woman. In 2015, Kerala was also the first state to announce a transgender policy in 2015. The surgery can be conducted in the state or outside.

In June, when the deadly Nipah virus was taking a toll on several lives in Kerala, Pinarayi announced that the government would foot all the medical bills for those being treated for the disease.  Recently a 'mentally unsound' man forced his way into the Kerala House near Connaught Place, and threatened to 'finish' CM Pinarayi.