New Delhi, October 10: Following huge participation from the children of Delhi in the fifth week of the 10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute anti-dengue campaign, the campaign has entered into its sixth week. The campaign this week seeks to encourage families to come together to defeat Dengue by inspecting their houses every Sunday for 10 minutes for stagnant clean water and draining it. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will be encouraging all the families in Delhi to participate in the 10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute campaign. Unlock 5 in Delhi: All Weekly Markets to Reopen, Cinema Halls Permitted From October 15, Says CM Arvind Kejriwal.

Kejriwal has also said that through the collective efforts of all the Delhiites, "we will stop the breeding of dengue mosquitoes and protect our family and all of Delhi from Dengue," he added.

Last week, Kejriwal had tweeted, "Delhi's campaign against dengue continues. Today, on the fifth Sunday of the campaign, I replaced the water at home and eliminated the possibility of breeding of dengue mosquitoes. I urge everyone to be a part of this campaign every Sunday. #10Hafte10Baje10Minute Har Ravivaar, Dengue Par Vaar."

Dengue Helpline

This year, the Delhi government has also launched a Dengue helpline - 01123300012 and WhatsApp helpline - 8595920530 to assist the general public with Dengue.

On Every Sunday, Under The 10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute Campaign

- Change the clean stagnant water collected at home.

- A dengue mosquito thrives in clean stagnant water. The water deposited in the pots, coolers, A/C, tires, vases, etc., should be drained and replaced by the citizens every week.

- Add a small layer of oil/petrol to the accumulated water.

- Always cover the water tank with a lid.

- After inspecting their own houses, people shall promptly call 10 of their friends. With the cooperation of all, dengue can be eliminated from Delhi.