Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao Invites Citizens to Spend Time With Traffic Police And Give Suggestions to Improve
Bengaluru Police (Photo Credits: Bengaluru Traffic Police/ Youtube)

Bengaluru, September 30: With traffic situation getting worse day by day, Bengaluru Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao has come up with a solution to fill the gap between citizens and the traffic police. In a Twitter post on Sunday, September 30, he has invited people to spend half-a-day with police officials at a traffic junction of their choice and suggest what improvements are needed. Bengaluru Traffic Police Urges Ola, Uber to Have Own Parking Spaces to Reduce Congestion on Roads.

"It’s your Right to demand service from your Traffic Police. Inviting you to spend half a day at any Traffic Junction at any Location with Traffic Police. Then please suggest what improvements, we as Police and other City Stakeholders could do," Rao said.

Tweet by Bhaskar Rao:

His invitation earned hundreds of responses

"They need to be given ear plugs. Waiting for 10 minutes at the Nrupatunga road signal gave me a head ache, can’t imagine what it’s like for them everyday!," a user said. "Make Body cameras mandatory for all traffic police. That will solve 80% of complaints," said another.

Ashwin Mahesh, a transport expert, said, "I mapped all the signals, along with their approach roads and timing settings some months ago, and have set up a simple way of documenting whether they are functioning properly or not. Can be done by 10 volunteers across the city in less than 1 day, repeated every month."

Speaking to The Hindu, Rao said that this program will help motorists to understand the importance of traffic rule. He also believes that after spending time with traffic official, people may be more sensitive to their situation.